[CLOSED] Looking for professional and experienced scripters/UI designer and builders! (Paying 10-30k Robux)

We are Cha®, an upcoming cafe group that offers Southern Asian foods/drinks like boba tea!
We are currently looking for a scripter/UI maker and builder that will be able to help us develop, script and build the Cafe, training center and application center. (Note: I’m looking for a scripter that can do both UI and scripting.)

You must be professional, experienced, cooperative and have lots of knowledge on how to script/do UI and build a Cafe. You also must be over the age of 13 in order to apply for this job.

Both the builder and scripter will be receiving 10k-30k Robux after finishing the Cafe, Training Center and the application center. You will also be receiving 15% of the group’s income. The amount of Robux you receive depends on how much effort you put into this project.

-You will be working with the other builder/scripter.
The Cafe look we’re going for is an industrial, modern look.
For example,

If you’re interested in this job, please contact me on discord smilesforjennie#2065.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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I am a scripter that I personally think is eligible for this. A good builder I can work with is @Micah2247, I can provide portfolios.

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Hi! I’m interested in this position as a builder. :grinning:
Here is my portfolio: IcyXue's Portfolio

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Hello! I am TheBrainy06 and I am an advanced scripter; I feel like I am eligible for this job. Here is my portfolio

Discord: TheBrainy06#7100

I’m interested in the role of the builder.
Here’es some of my work:

The first build can be baught, the 2nd can be worked on.

Oo I really like the second one but do you own a discord account?

No, not atm. Would have to communicate through Roblox

The first one I’m adding a few furniture to. Personally & preferably I would like to sell the 1st one, but if the 2nd one is the one you like, I’ll have to see if I’d be able,

Hello I’m a builder Roblox Username [ImFatBoiHowAboutYou] and I can build you a café :smiley:

You can look at the build I made made so far on my Roblox group

I also helped another person by building him a desert Bio

Please Consider Hiring me. Because I love to build and will put in 100% of effort