[CLOSED] Looking for TWO versatile Animators for my large SCP:F


Hello! My name is S_w1ft. The Owner and Administrator of the largest group-based SCP:F in ROBLOX currently. My development team of 15 talented individuals are looking for two animators to join them in their fun, friendly and close family.

Group : https://www.roblox.com/groups/4272948/S-C-P-F#!/about
Game : https://www.roblox.com/games/2688038742/SCPF-Area-Omega
Discord : https://discord.gg/omega

The Team
Linked is the Manufacturing Department acting as the “development team”.

We boast an extremely diverse team of developers from: modellers, builders, terrain specialists, exploit specialists and general scripters. We’ve unfortunately had to say goodbye to our long-time animator warranting this ad.

Details on the Position

As I said earlier, we’ve had to say goodbye to our long-time animator so we are looking for two new animators to replace him as paid interns. All developers are paid, including interns - the main thing differentiating you from full developers (Facility Engineers) is your access to assets. Interns are only given access to what they need to complete the job and therefore have no studio access. After around a month we evaluate your progress in the team and consider you for a full developer position including studio access, although it’s not a rushed process.

Technical Requirements

R15 specialization is a must, but it’s very much a positive if you can animate in R6 as well as our current game (Area - Omega) is in R6. R15 is a must as our animators will be primarily working on our remastered version of Area - Omega, which will be R15 and utilize more advanced animations for our SCPs to maximize aesthetic and gameplay potential. You will also be animating guns, and other little details, but primarily you’ll be animating creatures (SCPs) which are obviously NPCs.

Example of a Job

Here is SCP-3000. A giant eel which we’re hoping to combine fantastic animations with extremely efficient scripting to create a realistically moving eel imprisoned in an underwater containment within’ our upcoming Area - Omega Remastered.


Our animators are paid per animation complete, priced depending on the complexity of the task as well as how long it took to complete. Unfortunately, we do not offer USD payment. For newer developers who are still getting used to being in the team, we’ll agree on a price for the job before it is sent over so both parties are happy - very much like a comms-style of doing it which gives much more freedom to the devs and lets you get used to the environment we have here.

Contact Us

Please contact me via discord at Swift#3113. Reply below with your discord so that I can know who to accept.

Please feel free to respond with questions below! :slight_smile:


I am currently a developer for @S_w1ft’s SCPF and I can say that it has a great community, solid leadership, and a very talented development team already. Good luck to anyone who applies! :slight_smile:


Hi - Can you clarify what do you mean by “largest group-based SCP:F in ROBLOX” ?

There are other larger SCPF groups out there - do you mean groups without a roleplay site?

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Hey I’m interested :slight_smile:
Discord: Toothpaste#2512

I’m interested! Sent you a request on Discord. Pinkyidion#9575

Yes that’s what I meant. :grinning:

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