[OPEN] Looking for a Game Trailer Animator/Producer

About Me

Hello! My name is Swift, Owner and Founder of Area - Omega, an SCP Facility within’ my SCP Foundation of almost 60,000 members.

About The Job

I am looking for an extremely experienced animator to produce a beautiful and detailed 30 second trailer for my upcoming SCP Facility (Area - Omega Redux). This trailer should not only showcase the beauty of the game but obviously be slightly scary, thrilling and entice users to play the game of course! For that reason I’m looking for someone with multiple years of experience, who uses professional animating programs and has a strong understanding of cinematic techniques and methodology to make a great trailer.

P.S I will provide music, which I’ve gotten custom made.


We are paying in Robux, paid out straight from the group to ensure there are no fees. I have no specific budget, thus I’m willing to pay an amount proportionate to your experience and quality.

Contact Us

Please contact me at Swift#3113 with your best previous work.
Make sure you’re in my discord server otherwise it may not let you DM me.

Thank you! Have a good day. :slight_smile:


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