(CLOSED) Looking to collab on a new project! (anyone is welcomed)

About the project

This is completely new. The reason I am posting this is that I am looking for people who would enjoy developing together. Just bringing together the community for a fun yet challenging time. Simplistic project.

About The Job

I have many years of experience in game design, mostly in building and 3d modeling. Here is what I was thinking. The aim here would be to create a super simplistic FPS. The name could be “One-tap”. The idea is a free for all FPS game where the weapon is just a desert eagle. I can take care of making detailed maps, no problem. The game only has one weapon, a desert eagle, similar to the game wild revolver, but in the first person and with much more in terms of achievable. The purpose of this is to be as simplistic as possible whilst creating something addictive. To do so, we could put in place a rank system that allows for prizes. Weapon skins and unlockables is the main revenue here I believe, as players compete to gain experience and in-game currency to unlock certain skins. I also strongly believe that adding tiers to weapon skins and even effects will create a game where players will want to come back to essentially better their inventory and rank. As previously stated, wild revolvers was quite addicting even though the game itself was massively simplistic. However, I believe that the reason the game has died off a little is due to its lack of achievable in-game content, such as special effects and skins.

I am honestly looking for developers to come together and create something as a community :slight_smile:


This is just brainstorming and it would be nice to create a team of max 5 members to create a strong partnership and friendship. Everyone is equal in this and earning will be distributed accordingly.

Contact Us

I am looking for people above the age of 15. (I myself is 18)
Here is my discord: it wont paste properly, just send me yours haha

If you have anything you want to know or suggest, let me know! :slight_smile:


Do you accept graphic designers?

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For sure, ive had a look at your work and it looks good :slight_smile:. Id be more than happy to continue on discord?

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Ok. My username on discord is: Davit#0824

would you take 14 yr olds? I believe I can script the gun and maybe make some sort of leader board, and inventory system

Do you need a music composer? (30 charrs)

For sure :slight_smile: add my discord?

could do, I havent had the time to think about that yet, but ill keep in touch for sure :slight_smile:

your discord isnt working for me for some reason. mine is UNITED_Lacker#4037

your discord is wrong lol (30 charrs)

Do you need animators? If so, I would love to work with you.

My discord is Psyfor#0544 by the way.

That would be great! We now have people for every role :slight_smile:

Great! Would love to start working.

Awesome I added your discord, not sure if you saw it?

Do you need a composer? If so (OPEN)) Composer/SFX for hire

Discord: DevNetCheese#2833

Do you need a UI designer or 3D modeler?

If so my discord is here: xander#6277

I would like to help! It seems really interesting and I been wanting people to work with and create a strong relationship with them.

I’m a 3D Artist and a Programmer, contact me on Discord: SharkyBoy#2024

Hello! Are you looking for a GFX Artist? If so, I can definitely go for the job. My portfolio is my featured topic on my profile. My Discord is Inkqo#8185. I look forward to working with you!

I’m Want To Talk On Discord About A Few Things Other Then That This Is A Awesome Idea. Heres My Discord : TheRealRedDino#6476