[Closed] Looking to Trade Expertise in Projects!

I have done this Rodeo before and I’m looking to do it again.

Basically I am a decent scripter and a terrible builder. Im looking to script someone’s project in similar time investment as they help build in my project. No currency of any kind will be exchanged. This is a temporary deal to last 1-3 weeks.

What I can do for you:
I am able to build UIs, functional but not pretty. Make Data Stores, Shops, some animations, Timers, game elements. I cannot build tools or weapons or do any or Vehicles. (Details can be discussed of what it required).

If applying, you must,
1.Have a current project that’s mostly built but needs scripting
2.Genuine-time and effort into others work
3.At least 4 months of building experience
4.Preferably between the age of 13-25

What you will need to do:
You will need to upgrade a swamp PVP arena. The current area lacks detail. You will need to add more detail, plants, and things to add to immerse the player to feel like they are in a swamp and not in a sky world. Current map:

Without Fog:

For Contact:

DM on DevForum

or DM on Discord[MapleMoose_#8826]

When Contacting, Provide: Age, Demo of your Work, And your current project of what needs to be done.


I love this method of pay: I work for you, you work for me, I think it’s cost ineffective and awesome good luck!


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