(closed, may re-open)VexStudio| Hiring Developers of All Kind! [50-80k Robux]



Hi there everyone, as you can see, ‘VexStuio’ is recruiting [Builders, Scripters, Modellers, Ui designers, Graphic artists etc.]

~About the project;

We will be creating an scp like sci-fi-map. It will consist of a fully built underground facility, a city skyline in the distance of the surface, an electric train leaving the city with a nice-futuristic city backdrop (not a skybox, a complex city.) It will also include lot’s of interactives for players to enjoy!
(done by I and another developer.)

~Job Tasks;


Build city building models (low poly)
Train model (low poly)
Any in-facility models


Assist other builders in building the facility.
Decorate the exterior border and elevator descent of of the Maze Runner like shaft.


Assist with all the interactive models built by the ‘modellers’ allowing them to work with a clear explanation.
Scripting shaft teleport instead of a descent (Must have a faded transition).
Assist in any lighting for facility lock downs.
Assist ui editor with communication system.
Finally, script all facility doors to have a star wars like opening.

Graphic Artist/Ui

Create radio ui communication ui with teams and different channels
Create an intro
Create any game icons and art

In the complex, detailed, futuristic, and interactive finish of the game, I will be spending 50-80 k on project ads. If you’re not happy with a percentage based on work given, we may discuss a direct robux transaction (no percentage.)

If interested (hopefully you are) please contact my discord JustAboy#4589 with pictures of your best works of art and assets. I wish you a very blessed day, thank you for taking your time to read this.

Best regards,
Delusionalatmosphere Founder of VexStudio


Can we have more details on the requirements/things to be done for each job? Also what is the % payment for each job as well? What is the game about?


Hi there, thanks for pronouncing your concerns i’ll edit the forum to your needs.


There you go @tsubasa1234567 30 (charssssssssssss)


I am interested, here’s my discord tag, AtomicNuke#0677
Yours doesn’t work.


I’m interested in the spot for UI Designer. However, similar to the post above, I’m still in the process of learning GFX design and am not currently doing such for work.

You can view my portfolio here

If needed, you can contact me on discord.


Sounds interesting!, would love to be a Builder, you can message me here in the forums or via discord (Keko#7227)

Greetings! I am interested to be your scripter, You can contact me in DevForum or via discord: JohnOGPlayz#0191

Hello ! There is something wrong with your discord may u please give right username?

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Hello I really would like to be hired as the Ui Designer.

p.s i made that logo :3

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Hey, i’m intrested for modeler.

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

( i don’t take percentage though)

I have built MANY SCP styled builds and would love to work for you but it seems your Discord Name is wrong? You can add me at Aensvey#2799.

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Oh, I forgot the capital “B” haha! my mistake! my discord is JustAboy#4589 the post has been edited. it should work now that I changed the b to a lowercase

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Look at solution please! :smiley:

Apologies I made a small mistake with my discord, it should work now.

This is a post that is on the devforums.

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Robux will be guaranteed, if you decide to take a percentage over a direct payment and the game fails, I will lay you off with some of the robux I would have used for ads.

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I’m interested in the building role, you can contact me on discord at @Dinosoreo32#0306 or via forum.

It appears your tag isn’t working-

Would you mind adding me here;


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Your tag isn’t working, I’m very good with logo design (I think I could spruce up your logo), GFX, UI and such in that category.

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