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sketch1599450697611 Hey Guys, I’m Mysterious, I’m a digital artist who Draws Roblox Pfps. But I love making art for the people on Roblox and I put my passion into every piece and I’m always looking for new challenges and to improve my skills! :happy1: :

Commission Sheet








Pay HowEver Much You Think Its Worth.

Any other sort of work can be negotiated

I am available Rn.

If Interested, Reply Or DM Me On Here.

If you have any questions about anything please let me know and any feedback is appreciated!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you all

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Prices Are Now Reasonable!!! :smiley:

Your art is so cute! I really like your style. Keep it up!

the Art you have created are cute and very impressive. very good price also with this art is really cool. make sure you make more cheap art because I really like the theme that you created.

:eye: :nose:t2::eye:

those drawing are cute i see they kinda look like kxradraws. i would recommend to add more shading and shade with different colors (skin color shading: dark orange, clothes and hats: dark blue, eye shading: black.)

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Thank You Deeds, And I Love kxradraws Art, But, My Style Wont Ever Compare To Hers Lol

Means Alot, Are You Interested In Buying Anything?

Thank You, It Truly means Alot

i used to use her style it was kinda easy but it takes time. lol this was the first time i tried doing one in her style

Yeah Lol, I Might Try Her Style, B/c I Think I Would Be Able To, B/c How My Art Style Is, I Might Can Also Remake Your Style Lol

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Hey Guys, Just In Reminder There Are Only 3 Spots Left

Hello, I am interested in one of these! My account is ipitsa! I will pay once I get the product or reverse idc!

Hi there!
I am making a company for people like you, that doesn’t get a lot of robux but their work are awesome!
I am making a Company where some of your friends are in there!
Tell me if you want to be in the Company!

Thank you for drawing me, it looks great! 10/10

Np Bro, Happy You Liked It. :smiley:

Great art! I suggest you edit the part where it says, “Pay how much you think it’s worth”. The price should negotiable but should still have a base. This also means you could be potentially robbed of your work. (I.e. “I’ll pay (insert very little amount) for it.”) Also, you should watermark your work to make sure nobody steals them.

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Yeah, thank you, I closed my commissions b/c I wanna get better before anything

The picture that Mysterious made for me looks amazing, thanks a lot :‎D

Love it, nice job! Keep up the good work

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Should I Let People Buy There Avatars Drawn In My Style And If They Want, I Can Draw Them As A Among Us Character **
(Vote Lasts Until Halloween Midnight)

  • Yes
  • No

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My Character As Among us CharacterUntitled189_20201030004431