[CLOSED] Need GFX pfp for discord, price negotiable

Discord Profile GFX needed

Further details

I am looking for an artist who can make my profile picture. I am dressed like guest666, and I need the background to have something to do with my sword. My sword is the Azure Dragon’s Magic Slayer, which creates a black hole and turns anyone I kill into an undead skeleton.

You can look at my group to get a better understanding of our theme.

Here is the sword in action, as well as a potential logo

This is a potential logo, which shows the black hole

Here is some of the work I commissioned. I am still hiring, and these are examples of what was made.


The GFX must show my avatar (guest 666) in the front, with a custom designed black hole in the background similar to those provided above.


Payment prices are completely negotiable, however, I would love to get both a picture and a gif version of my pfp, and I would pay more for both. The gif version does not need my avatar animated (though it would be nice…) but the black hole must be animated. If you are not up for the task of making a gif, a standard picture is fine, however I would pay more for both a picture and a gif.

Contact me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Dev_Diablo#6666

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is it just me or does your look awfully similar to the one seen in Doomspire Brickbattle?

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Yes I took the picture in doomspire, but ignore that. Look at the sword, the black hole, and the skeletons

Hi there,
I’m KINGYSB an experienced designer and I’m interested in this position. My prices are very low & negotiable for very high-quality work.
For work and other information about me, you can check out my portfolio below.
[FOR HIRE] Cheap GFX Designer & Commissions

Feel free to contact me on discord if you are interested in hiring me for job & any other questions.

I am interested in this project, please contact me immediately for further discussion.

Discord: Royal_Administration#3551

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Are you still looking for one?

I can do the GIF and PFP

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Yep add me on discord
I am buying a ton of different ones, paying for them all, then using the one I like best

I’d like to vouch for @KINGYSB his work is high-quality work and perfect for those on a budget. The work he’s done for me was finished very quick and the payment was really smooth :slight_smile:

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I tried adding @KINGYSB on discord but they didn’t accept yet

Edit: They added me.

Also, I’m willing to accept the skeletons in the background instead of a black hole

Did you add me 30charrrrrrrrrrr

hi, are you still looking for the pfp? cuz i got one for you if you want

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