[FOR-HIRE] Cheap GFX Designer & Commissions

Hi there,
I’m KINGYSB a graphics designer on the ROBLOX platform currently looking for commissions & orders!

I’m an experienced designer on the platform with over 1-year of experience, I specialize in cafe graphics such as icons, game thumbnails, ads, banners, menus, & more. I do not make Sci-Fi related works. Some of my work can include but may vary from cafe graphics, group logo graphics (not illustrations), clothing Homestore graphics, and business-related icons. If there is some other graphic design you’d prefer please don’t hesitate to ask me first and I may make some arrangements. On an additional note, my work has massively improved as I am continuously learning and quality should increase over time, as I gain more experience & skills.

Prices may vary depending on the graphics you are ordering & any special requests. These are just base prices, these prices are not final and may change at any time. Prices are not negotiable. Payments in USD is also accepted through Paypal (only if more than 2 items are purchased).
Render starts at :robux_light:160+
Icons starts at :robux_light:175+
Game Thumbnails starts at :robux_light:170+
Ads (may vary on ad size) starts at :robux_light:170+
Menus start at :robux_light:145+ (per menu)
Server Banner starts at :robux_light:140+
Gamepass Icons starts at :robux_light:130+ (per icon)
Twitch Panels starts at :robux_light:135+ (per panel)
Youtube Banners start at :robux_light:170+ (per banner)
*Prices may increase at any time.

Ordering Process
Orders will be placed directly through my DMS, you will make your custom order, I will give you the price of your order, create the graphics (in your requests), show you a preview of the finished product, ask for any changes to be made (quick fixes), then direct you to my donation center where you will pay for the graphics, once the purchase has been verified I will send your finished product without a watermark.

Contact Info
You can contact me directly through discord (Royal_Administration#3551) where orders will be discussed. If you cannot reach me through discord, you can contact me through devforum by sending me a message. If you cannot reach me through devforum then you may contact me through twitter here. As I receive a lot of friend requests please let me know by replying to this post if you are contacting me with your discord name, so I know who you are.

*You can also try joining my discord server so that you don’t have to friend me if I’m busy here:

:warning: Please reply notifying me to know that you are contacting me so I can accept your friend request.

Orders can take up to 5+ business days, I will give you a timeframe for when I finish depending on your requests. If you have any questions you can reply to this message with your concern. This date however is not guaranteed, and due to high requests it may take longer than usual.

I am usually available every day to respond to your order request. I cannot always guarantee that I will complete your order (before payment) due to the increase in orders. As you contact me with your friend request, please send me a message on discord that you are interested and only order 1 item at a time so that it’s easier on me considering the number of orders I receive. I am only 1 person, I can only handle so many orders at one time. Please be considerate when you make your order. I try to be available for at least 5 hours per day, my timezone is EST. As soon as your friend request has been accepted and you send me an order request I will try my best to get back to you whenever possible. Your order is not guaranteed until purchase.

I do not own some of the backgrounds used in my designs. All backgrounds that I use are stock photos free courtesy of Unsplash & Pixabay. I also do not own any icons or background overlays used in my backgrounds (they are also considered free to use). In accordance with their rules, I do not need to provide any credit for using the backgrounds on their platforms. Also to note, all renders that I have used in designs are made by myself.

Previous Works & Examples
Examples of my work are listed here.
My Work:


Game Thumbnails

My Post Copy 3 (37)|690x388


Server Banners

Gamepass Icons


Twitch Panels

My Post Copy 2 (30)
Untitled (4)

Youtube Banners

*More up-to-date examples of my work can be found here.

Graphics Designer


I recommend you put your actual work watermarked to show ppl. This is vital for people so they dont waste time on dming you etc but I bet its good!


My art is listed here on my devinart if you are interested. https://www.deviantart.com/kingysb/gallery


Hey I am interested, add me on Discord, my tag is Fauq#0001


I’d like to vouch for @KINGYSB. His work is really good and I got my order within a day. I was really satisfied with my game thumbnail he provided and how non-expensive it was, which can fit many budgets. :slight_smile: He was really easy to work with too!


Commissions are still open!


@KINGYSB Hey, I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord.


Your friend request has been accepted, I am awaiting your response.


Your work is great! I sent a friend request on Discord. My Discord is emxilyy!#7021.

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Heya I would love to hire I need 2 ads and 1 thumbnail I will send details on discord


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heya i would love to hire you for 2 jobs

Discord: A1.2trappy#4996

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I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord, my Discord username is vistrvs#4522.

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Hi there, I’ve accepted your friend request.


I sent you a friend request on discord, my name is Vez#4902.
I hope you get back to me soon!

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Hi there, please resend your friend request.
You sent the friend request before posting so I was confused and declined it. I do apologize in advance for the mix-up.

Let me know when you resent it though!


I would like to recommend KINGYSB if you’re searching for cheap GFX commissions. His work is very neat and good and he is also friendly. I’ve received my order within 2 days and it is very fast for me.


I have sent you a friend request. SilentSources#6969.

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Hi there,
I’m contacting you in response to your request.
Your request has been accepted and I am awaiting further discussion/requests from you.


Sent ya a request on discord! nicecar#8654

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im interested Discord: The1_BK#1891

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