(CLOSED) New Rthro Game Project- Hiring Developers!



Hello, fellow developers! As I said on my Twitter, I’m planning a new Rthro game. The game will let players play with their Rthro characters in a variety of minigames! For avatars, the game will only support Rthro, and R6 and R15 will not be supported. I’m currently looking for developers to make it happen.

@Chrisofdoom - Project Manager, animator
???- Builder
???- Scripter
???- Translator

For builders, You will build a lobby, minigame maps, and a couple of props. The builds will be in low-poly. An example would be the one found in Roblox High School 2. Play here to get an example: https://www.roblox.com/games/2098516465/NEW-Roblox-High-School-2

You will be scripting the UI, minigames, props, leaderboards, badges, gamepasses, and shop.

For this one, I will be hiring multiple translators. I will also accept translators who can translate the game into more than one language. The game must be translated into the following:
Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. I will consider more languages in the future, and I will hire translators who translate into the new languages.

Building- Must have 1 year of building experience, build in low poly, and be at least 13 years old.
Scripting- Must have at least 1 year in scripting experience, and be at least 13 years old.
Translating- Must have at least 5 months in translating, and be at least 13 years old.

What will I be doing?
I will animate emotes, as well as certain animations needed for the game.

You will be paid a percentage of the game’s revenue. The reason why is because my budget is very low, and ding an upfront payment will be difficult for me to do. Here are the percentage payment rates for each job:
35% Scripter
30% Builder and translator
The rest of the revenue will go to advertising the game via sponsored games and user ads. The payment will be via group funds.

Devfourms (PM)
Discord (chrisofdoomDiscord#0474)
Twitter (@ChrisofdoomD)
You must show past examples of your work!


What makes this game any different then other minigames that can just enable rthro?


It’s also an Rthro hangout. In edition to the minigames, I’m also planning to implement missions, as well as future is bright.


Some questions: How are you going to make the game focused around Rthro? That doesn’t really make much sense to me. I’m presuming it’s just going to be like any other minigames game but with forced rthro.

Have you had any past experience leading games? If so what games?

Though I’ve seen @HeadlessHorror stream development for Bloxverse, those who haven’t aren’t able to find out the style you want because the game is unreleased and practically impossible to find pictures of (I tried).

And with the percents: Is the Builder / Translator both getting 35%? If so then your payouts would be 115% which makes no sense. If not, then can you be specific on how much the builer and translator get each.

On a relevant note, I don’t any translator I’ve seen accepts %; they all get paid x R$ per word.

I also recommend hiring translators once the game is completed instead of before.


Why do scripters receive more pay then builders? I think it should be the same %


Because the scripters job is more complicated in this case.


Right. That’s just a personal view though. To the builder it could seem less complicated then their job.


As a scripter and someone who has worked on games with builders. In all my cases my job has been more complicated than the builders.

This isn’t just a personal view; it’s backed with experience.

In this game, the builder has to build a single lobby and then various minigame maps which are often quite small and not as detailed as the lobby.

In this game the scripter has to script the various minigames (ranging from simple to complex), scripting the various ui for the minigames, shops, inventory and end of round stats, gamepasses, props, leaderbards and badges. Badges can get quite complicated.


Yes, but it’s all about competitiveness. You might see scripting as harder, but for some builders, producing their amazing work takes dedication and skill. Im not saying either is supreme. Anywa, this shouldn’t be discussed here.


@oryRBX, I provided another example, this time from Roblox High School 2. I will also provide pictures from Bloxverse soon, when I get the developers to approve it.

I had tried to create Builderman takeover Mid 2018, a cancelled game. But other than that, not much.

I will raise their payment percentage as soon as possible.

For that, I am aiming to launch the game into multiple languages at launch. I will hire more translators after the game has launch to translate into more languages.


The total % needs to equal 100%, so you’re gonna raise it so it’s even more wrong? I’m confused.

What went wrong with your builderman game? And what was it about / is it playable?


I will do so when I can, but I do not understand, so could you please provide an example?


If you were to give me 100% of your group funds that means you would be giving me all of your group funds.

If you were to give me 110% of your group funds then that means you would be giving me all of your group funds and 10% of that. But that’s impossible, you already gave me all your funds so how are you gonna give me that 10% more you offered me.

Do you understand that it makes no sense?

If these are your payouts:

  1. Scripter: 50%
  2. Builder: 35%
  3. Translator: 35%

Total: 120%

That doesn’t make sense. 100% means all of it. How can you give 20% + all of it?


I understand now. I will go edit the payment percentage as soon as I figure out what payment percentage equal to 100%.


The reason why imagery of Bloxverse is so hard to find is because it’s unreleased and not meant to be seen by anyone other than our testers and team, from what I see I believe the OP is attempting to re-create the project I’m working with just Rthro enabled and everything else disabled (only difference between the projects from what I’m able to see) on so I wish them the best of luck but we’re already half a year in dev and fairly soon to release.

Also, OP is a Tester in my group and will no longer continue as a Tester from this information.

edit: OP edited original post so parts of this may appear out of context now.


I know why it’s hard to find images.

The only thing he mentioned that was similar to your game is the build style.

His game is a minigame, game and from your streams yours seems to be like Bloxburg.

Seems a bit extreme kicking him from being a Tester.


Our project is an open explorerer game and adventure like Meepcity and Bloxburg where you can explore different areas, however, to earn money to spend on your avatar or housing you play minigames as suggested by OP.


Hey everyone, I have changed the example from Bloxverse to just Roblox High School 2. Thanks to everyone who listened!


So is any game that has minigames copying your game then?


This will be my last response as this is creating unnecessary responses to OP’s post.

Both games have if not the exact same, very similar intentions and direction, as I’ve previously posted I wish him the best of luck but just noted that OP’s has been a tester for Bloxverse since the project was started a while ago and the game they’re producing is following very similar plans to our project which is already actively being worked on full-time.

The only difference between Bloxverse and OP’s post is that our game will allow for all scaling and packages, however, Rthro is only allowed on OP’s game.