[CLOSED] Paint 'N Guess - Map Builder - 10K+

Job Context:

I’m looking for a small to mid-sized low-poly map for my game linked below.

Our current map has been in use for over 5 years with various different re-skins and its long overdue for a change. I’ve tried to contact several developers from the portfolio section of the forums but have ran into multiple dead-ends. The project has either been dropped or the developers who agreed to build the map just eventually stopped responding all together. So now, I’m here in the recruitment section in hopes of finding a builder/modeler interested in the job instead of me reaching out to different individuals.

I’m not very experienced when it comes to building and this is where I believe I encounter most of my issues when trying to commission someone. I like to think of it as giving you full creative freedom, but I can understand where this can be frustrating, especially if you work best with a plan ahead of time - another reason for me deciding to write this post under recruitment.

Now that everyone knows where I’m coming from, I hope that I’m able to explain my hopes & expectations for the project as best as I can and I look forward to working with one of you very, very soon. :slight_smile:

About The Job

  • Small to mid-sized low-poly map
  • The current size of the map I would consider small and I’m hoping for something a bit bigger.
  • Low poly, Cartoony, Friendly, Colorful
  • Preferably, I’m imagining an outdoor map (Opposite of the current style)

  • I want to keep the purpose of the game built into the map, painting & guessing, but I also want the map to be big enough to foster growth overtime. For example, right now we don’t have a store or shop but that’ll obviously change in the future, so the new map should have an area for a shop. (Obviously, you wouldn’t know this unless I told you, but rest assured I’ll make my future intentions clear to the map builder ahead of time so you’re better able to plan, again this is just an example)

  • Outdoor map. This is my personal preference but if you have a better idea or theme for the map, I’m all ears! Again, I want to encourage creative freedom so please, if you have suggestions, I’d love to work with them. As long as we’re keeping to the general premise of low poly, cartoony, friendly, colorful. :+1:

Here are some examples of builds that I’ve seen and love. This is the general style I’m looking to achieve in hiring a builder for this map and I hope it compensates for the overall lack of project details:


(All credit goes to @kadrava3D)



(All credit goes to @toocrusty)
2270b9b713709192469631172fa318a4241cdec0_2_690x400 f7c82f8512648edb6e5b007bd95d87162c4a52b1_2_690x387 8745bf1f999e9d56d7aace1f9b14bbe4c8a277fb_2_690x396 a6293866006643f7e6e6ecfadd667f14de985bb0_2_690x388


(All credit goes to @fourpapa1)


(All credit goes to @2Bvild)
fbaefc81e2a823f2563c532ada4f8c46abaf0000_2_690x435 1fceb73f4cae6260f0a08ba5d23fb4640926c37c_2_500x500 14697d7898f440fac59e07539c8e8f84a0dce805_2_690x429 7e7e19ed31c6b0b1bfba6b5ba51bc84232a52614_2_690x452


(All credit goes to @vaephy)
f16dffb0da214f892be25a7e837896e889ac3fba_2_690x469 870883b45d3e54ab6fc6254244315dbcbf05ea09_2_690x481


(All credit goes to @d5no)
a4fb5dfebdc5b1bd348571aa40abc239ed21de26_2_690x477 e32a9a7efd913f0c7b43b4082af6c7dd802082dc_2_690x459 c0edf511861914b79b4f13f377e4b29c6c646244_2_690x314 f4a077490ef7ee18621bab460db978e51a22fc8a_2_690x271 dc0605ff50cdb7ee9d9019e285d745445c89b785_2_634x499


(All credit goes to @JukeRblx)
40b05578a6198c561c1d63fa419c1dea64bb0c77_2_690x376 1011d14b55e028582f013c9d1b46f99e5652b12f_2_690x347 e3d94837cd62bc8b2475b7fe9df10ea09e07726f_2_690x356


I really want to make this worth your time. I’d rather prioritize quality time over rushed time and however that works best for you is great. I can pay (robux or USD) in increments or all at once, as long as I’m getting something in return. Everyone likes to talk numbers, understandably, so I’m offering a minimum of 10K+ robux with a maximum of 100K robux.

As a college student myself, I understand the value of your time and I’ll make it a guarantee that you are generously compensated for it. All I ask is that you’re willing to work with me. :heart:


Contact me on discord, its daniel!!#0001
If you don’t have discord, feel free to DM me here on the forums. :+1:
My timezone: Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)


:heart: I don’t normally accept friend requests automatically, so definitely let me know if you’ve sent me one. I usually receive many so don’t forget to give me your tag so I can look it up & accept. :slight_smile:

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I am interested in your post, and I have sent you a friend request on Discord! My username is Kara#0003

Looking forward to chatting with you! (:

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Please add me , DeHarchy#4969 . Thank you !

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I’ve sent you a friend request on discord, 2Bvild#9828 :slight_smile: Glad you like my builds

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I am interested , i have sent you a friend request on discord , here is my portfolio : Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/UI Designer/Text Logos Designer

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I have sent a friend request on discord: spymazeinc#3940

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sent one, hope we work together

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I’m interested. My discord is rene artois#7203. I will send you my pictures there

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Hey! I sent you a friend request on Discord a bit ago, my username and tag is tr_sted#9650. I look forward to chatting with you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. I definitely didn’t expect this much support. I’ll be getting into contact with everyone soon. My time zone is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and I’m quite busy today, so expect a response by afternoon/evening time. Again, thanks for reaching out!

Hey! I’m interested in the position however your discord tag doesn’t seem to work. Here is my portfolio as well as my discord: AlvinPolys#0001

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Sent a request.

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My partner @LysticaI & I are interested in this project!
Sent you a request: Rechen#0713

Hey there, discord gave me this error:

Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 2.13.39 PM

Thread update: Thank you for everyone who has replied so far. I believe I’ve made contact with everyone who has posted thus far (if I somehow missed you or skipped you, please let me know so I can fix that :stuck_out_tongue:) Once the thread has reached the 24h mark, I’m going to ‘end it’, collectively look over everyone’s portfolio and make a decision from there.


Hi Daniel, I’ve sent a Discord friend request. Aleay ✘; ✦#7275 | I’ve worked before in PNG. >3< So excited to talk with you. :)))

Sorry about that!
It should be fixed now :grinning:.

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Can’t seem to add you… here’s my tag: Friz#0719

My portfolio: https://devforum.roblox.com/u/iirealfriz/summary

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Thread update: Thank you so much everyone! I’m closing the thread here. I’m still collecting portfolios from everyone above. Once I receive all of them, I’ll collectively review them all at once and update all of you guys (individually and publicly here on this thread) with further details on who I selected for the job. I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support I received. I didn’t expect this many people (publicly and behind the scenes) to be so interested in the job. I’ll definitely be using this section of the forums again in the future. :slight_smile: Stay tuned for the selected builder if you’re curious. :heart:

Edit - September 9th, 2020 Update: Thank you for being patient everyone. For those curious, I’ve selected @SloppyBadUsername2 (Portfolio linked here) for the commission. This is the final update on this post. Again, I know I’m repeating myself here, but I really appreciate all the support I received. Here are some notable mentions that I feel like should be recognized too: