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Hello! My name is Phoenix, and I’ve been building on the Roblox platform for around 2 years now. I am the author of a guide on Sci-Fi building and have decent experience with Sci-Fi building and terrain development. More information below.

This list will be updated with newer commissions/builds of mine as time goes on. Most recent builds at the bottom.

Based on the Starcraft 'Wraith'


Based on the Starcraft 'Banshee'

'Northwestern Access Point' Border Game

Northwestern Border Access Point Roleplay [BETA] - Roblox

Sci-Fi Hallway Showcase

Sci-Fi Themed Hallway

Showcase - Roblox

Work-In-Progress City

Note that this is a draft for a background element of an upcoming game and does not include the full detail I plan to add in the final model.


I have a few prerequisites for the builds I create. This area will also give information onto what exactly I can build, and the preferred methods of work.

  • My works are one-time commissions. At the current time I cannot dedicate myself to become a long-term developer for any groups.
  • I am best with Sci-Fi builds. I do decent with Modern builds, and cannot do anything low-poly or cartoon-like.
  • I use exclusivity studio and no external programs. I unfortunately cannot mesh anything for you.
  • Reference pictures are preferred as I do not know exactly what you want/are thinking of. In the case you want me to build something without reference pictures, give very specific details - I can’t read minds.
  • I will send images of the requested commission which will be cleared by the buyer first. If no issues are present with the build, I will require payment before handing over the build. To prevent theft via exploits, I will not place my builds in a joinable Roblox place.

Payment will be hourly at 2286 Robux, or 8 USD (preferably USD)
This price is negotiable. I only accept group percentages if a steady background income is guaranteed.

I will attempt to record all of my builds to show proof of this hourly rate, however in the event I cannot record/have forgotten to record payments will be halfed at my expense.

You can contact me on Discord as PhoenixCraft99#9156
ID: 387734780545990668

Roblox/Developer Forum messages are also acceptable, however discord is preferred.

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I don’t think you need to credit the copyright thing.

I’d like to anyways because I didn’t make the font.

The only thing here that makes me remember this is Roblox is the familiar sun, otherwise I’m pretty amazed by what you make.

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