[CLOSED] Professional Builder for a Farm/SandBox Game (Up to 400,000 Robux)

I want to work on your project

I can help you I just need an example of how you want it and I will start doing it on my account and if you like you can take it

Hello,I did like this job,I not a pro builder,but I’m ok at it.

Hey! Do you have a discord? Would love to contact you there.

Guess now going to learn scripting to get hired :laughing:.

This looks like a pretty good job to me, i’ll ask you a couple questions in the forums.
Discord: loco#6662 (In case your interested in talking in discord as well)

Hey! I am intrigued immensely by your post and would love to get in contact with you so I could share my portfolio. If you could back to me as soon as possible with contact info, that would be great! I have tons of experience in many different styles, and this type of style being asked for is definitely within my comfort level! Hope to hear from you soon, have a great day! :slight_smile:

I liked the idea of your game, here, my portfolio: [Open] (Environmental, Low-Poly) Builder

The level of detail can be combined in your preference, I like things well done.
If you like it and are interested, don’t hesitate to call me :slight_smile:

Oh, I almost forgot, I have this hospital I made for a friend:


Hey! I am interested in this position for your game. Portfolio: Kadravaa | Builder/3D Artist Portfolio [Closed]

Discord: Kadrava#0001

Sent a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

The Developer#3268
Find me, I’m builder, UI and scripter

Hey, I may have already spoken with you on Discord, but if I haven’t I would like to apply. I can easily build in the style shown in that picture. Or any style you need me to.
Edit: My Discord is Duover#2538

Sandbox/farm game? This is like job for me! I like to play AND make that kind of games. Sent you a message! Josip_V#9247 on discord!

Add me on Discord at:

Hey, am interested add me on Discord.

you need to show your discord or we can’t contact you

here is my discord, punkde#8982

yours is prob the best idea right now


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