[CLOSED] [R$ 40K+ / MONTH] Farmlands is Hiring a Builder / 3D Modeler

Im interested.
I dont usually build that style, but I can try.
I can maybe build some assets, send you screenshots and, of course, get hired or not.
I havent got a Portfolio, but I can send you some screenshots of my past work via Discord.
I have 3 years of experience building in Roblox Studio and 6 months in Blender.
Nice day!

I’m interested! Sent a friend request :smiley:.

You can check my portfolio at: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/lxcazettx-low-poly-builder/608877

friend please answer the discord

I am interested in being a modeler for your project I sent you a request in discord

Interested. I sent a friend request on discord.

I sent a friend request on discord.

Hello! I’m interested in the project. [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

Hey, i’m intrested for 3D modeler.

Portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS/FOR HIRE] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

Added (will#4070)

Sent a fr at dank Jolly#2608 with my portfolio.

I applied Happyman321#2341
I am very interested in this position

I’m interested as a builder, my discord: Ken#5574

im interested sent an fr on dizzy, hope to chat there soon! and see if we could do something Dizzy: Jurou#4173

I am very intrested , i have been thinking of working on this kind of game for a looong time.
Sent friend request on discord (Bondo#6901) , here is my portfolio by the way >Bachovar123 | Builder | (outdated)

I sent friend request in discord.

Yo wassup man im a 3d modeler good at creating weapons and here is an example
of my work
and i got bored and took arsenals gun concept and made this
i can rig to like this is an example here
Ill be contacting you my discord user is Moods cheese#7993

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Hi! I sent you a friend request on discord (WooKyo#0897). I’m interested, I like to make simple/low poly models, but I can make other types of models too.

Hi there I sent you a friend request on discord Britain_9876#6015.

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