[CLOSED & REVIEWING] Anyone out there willing to collab on a project? If not, I'm always hiring

Looking to collaborate with other developers!

About The Project

For a couple of days now, I’ve been working on a close-confines college roleplay game via the ROBLOX platform. As it currently stands, I’m working solo, and would love to have someone to keep company, even if just to pass the time. So far, I’ve mostly got the spawn area down, as well as most exterior building assets, and am working on interiors as we speak. Depending on how skilled you are, I may consider paying a hefty sum up front to compensate. My primary payment method is PayPal, but I can also offer ROBUX. More details about the game and payment will be available upon contact. Those that are hired will also be invited to my newly formed (and also irrelevant) development studio – RyeJam.

What’s needed:

What would be nice to have, but is not necessary:
Studio Builder(s)
3D Modeler(s)
UI Designer/Graphics Artist(s)

Here are some photos of what’s been constructed thus far: https://imgur.com/a/Hf0uLw1
(Thank Squidzyee for his contributions).

What’s Expected:

I’m capable of doing most things except programming. I have basic knowledge of Lua, albeit am no where near experienced enough to get by on my own. You, be it contractor or team member, will be tasked with stringing code for the entirety of the game.


I’m flexible with my payment methods. I can pay by the hour, per asset, by percentage, or in a lump sum. Your choice. As for the actual price, it depends. Whoever pitches in will get their cut. If I find someone I can duo with, I’ll split revenue 60/40, the 40% going my way if they’re potent enough. I assure you it’ll be worth your time. All negotiable.

My Contact Information

For more information about payment, collaboration, or anything else regarding this project, contact me on one of the following platforms:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyeJamRed,

Discord: RJR [Jamo]#1622,

or, if you’re feeling lazy, reply to this thread.

You must be 13 years or older to apply. Don’t feel inclined to take this too seriously though.

Many thanks!


Do you need a composer? I am willing to do it for free my profile—>Feedback on music

Discord: DevNetCheese

Send me a friend request so we can talk. You’ve got some cool tracks

I’m down.

samtheman#7181, Scripter and UI Designer.

let’s talk about this in dms.

About me

Hello! I’m ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’ and I’m a developer more experienced on Unreal Engine. I know at least 6 programming languages [HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, C++ and Lua]! I’ve already 8 months like a Roblox Developer and if isn’t enough experience, decline my offer.

If you’re interested please contact me! I’m applying to the Lead Programmer or only Programmer. Tip : You should put out on your post what you need to be done or what you need to be done at the end of the month.

I’m just 14 years old, but believe me! I starting learning programming langauges at 11 years old! Contact me by any way or via that’s below.

Contact via

Roblox : ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’
DevForum : @AllGoodNamesRGone243
Discord [Highly Recommended] : allgood#7032
Twitter [I don’t use it really much] : https://twitter.com/ademir_barajas

disc - TrIpleX_Mark#8799

Im not able to add that discord name that you have… I guess just add me if your interested in a scripter still. lil trap#2563

Sifting through all the messages I got. Thanks to all that are offering services! Sit tight while I pick and choose!

Working with Rye is an opportunity worth considering - he pays well and he’s also a nice guy to collaborate with. Creating assets for him was a great experience personally!

Would recommend working with this lovely individual.

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