[CLOSED] RoCitizens Map Artist - $5,000+ USD

Interested in discussing! (open) Baitem-Building portfolio


Interested! Robux payment is my payment plan!


Hey, I would like to apply really would love working for you! Check my portfolio out! Best regards to those who apply! [[Portfolio]] NeverTrustBob || Builder/Modeler and Map Designer


Hey there! Very interested in working with you. Messaged you via DM’s.


Extremely interested in this opportunity, I’m currently a 15 year old Builder from the United Kingdom, looking to broaden my horizons and to become more serious about turning development into a potential career choice. Having an opportunity like this would be amazing, as I could not only create some fantastic work, but I could gain a further understanding of working in a full scale development team.

I’ve been building for a few years already, and understand the demands and expectations of building myself. I also consider myself to be professional, mature beyond my years and a kind, respectful and funny member to any team who would want to work with me. I think I could learn a lot from this opportunity as I believe I have a lot of potential, and I want to exercise that as well as I possibly can!

[Squidzyee - Building Portfolio]

Also I have to commend @NeverTrustBob for this position too, he’s a fantastic builder with some fantastic creations on his portfolio. Would have to say he’s one of the best in the community!


I really have to vouch for @NeverTrustBob. Bob has incredible talent at his craft, he works very swiftly and pours everything he has into any opportunity thrown at him. I highly suggest you consider him as a choice.


Who wouldnt take this offer to work for RoCitizens its a very Popular game and the pay is wonderful!


Firebrand and the RoCitizens team are great people to work with! Highly recommend checking out this offer if you’re qualified!


I’m interested in this position. Can’t wait to hear back!
Outfoxing || A Builders Portfolio


Count with me!



@NeverTrustBob Is a Great map designer and a decent 3d modeler I’ve watched him work and its phenomenal and if he doesn’t know how to do something, which is very rare he has an initiate ability to pick up skills fast.


@NeverTrustBob is the guy for this job. We’ve recently worked with him on a project and he was able to blow away our expectations of quality and speed of completion! He is super communicative and one of the nicest genuine guys on this platform. His hard work and dedication are unmatched and you should seriously consider him for this position!

Thanks, Megan


Bob is amazing in his own way, I haven’t worked with him but I have seen his work, they’re just awesome! I think he’d be the best for this job.


Hello, i’m interested.
Discord is JJ71599#3309

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Very good man right here spectacular, interstellar builds.

Totally recommend @NeverTrustBob! He always adds quality to his work and leaves people amazed. I personally haven’t worked with him but as a fellow builder and map artist, he is incredible at doing his work.


Hi, i played RoCitizens for a while when i joined roblox and its really fun and i understood how the game works and looks as time passes and here it is the greatest opportunity to help with my all time favorite game!! Here’s my portofolio: [OPEN] 2lmu - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio

Now, you see you might notice a lack of full builds and lots of assets instead but trust me i can do all the stuf you’re asking for on that post im also experienced with both Studio and Blender to make my own props and such!!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Hi I’m Abhay216 I’m a Low Poly And Detailed Builder I’m Small Right Now But I Would Like This For My Portfolio, We Can Talk More On Dev Forums Msg. Thank You And Have A Good Day

An applicant has been selected. Thanks everyone for applying.

Also be aware that an impersonator is trying to solicit work using my name. If you have been contacted for work by a person claiming to be me and you’re not sure, please message me here on the DevForum.


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