[CLOSED] Sakura Hotels Looking For Developers [$500+]

Hello There!
Sakura Hotels is looking for developers of all kinds. From builders to scripters to modelers!

About Us
Hi! Sakura Hotels probably means nothing to you right now, but I can guarantee you, soon Sakura Hotels will be one of the best-developed hotels out there! We plan to have all the basics of a hotel and more, one of the things we will be adding is a security force, so players can have an experience that is different from other hotels.

Why I Think Sakura Hotels Will Succeed
I think that Sakura Hotels has a really high chance to succeed because of a few reasons. First of all, what Sakura Hotels is doing is combining two things that the target audience of hotels like, these things are obviously hotels, and also the Japanese culture and architecture. Another reason is that we’re going to have lots of marketing tactics that haven’t really been seen before in the hotel genre of Roblox. Lastly, this may not be a strong point but as you may have noticed the hotel genre on Roblox hasn’t seen a new game for a little while, and even though players should be bored of games like Nova Hotels and Bloxton Hotels these games are still getting around 400 players. (I can list more points in DM’s)

Open Positions
@sanxyou - Project Leader // Graphics Designer
@xfirstdan - Staff Manager
TAKEN - Scripter
@TheDCraft - UI
@davidiscooI - Exterior Building Builder
@ZorkyVFX - Builder // Modeler

about the jobs

Builder - Builders are going to be paid the most, and they need to be most skilled in their area. This means around 1+ years in building in Roblox Studio or Blender (or any other modeling program eg. Maya) another large part of the job is also being creative while still retaining quality. I can’t give the specific details for rooms in the hotel. (Build style - Cartoony and detailed)

Staff Manager - If you would like to be a part of Sakura Hotels but don’t have the skills to be able to be a developer you can apply to be a Staff Manager. Basically Staff Managers just have to manage the staff. If you want to be a staff manager you need to be fluent in English, have semi-good peoples skills, and have an understanding of how Sakura Hotels staff system is going to work (WIP). Some of the many things you will need to do are promoting staff members accordingly, giving out punishments accordingly, and just managing the staff in general.
Scripter - Scripters will need to have an intermediate understanding of Lua and must have an understanding of how to code a hotel. (If you have worked on other hotels in the past you are much more likely to get hired as a scripter)

UI - This is another job that needs an intermediate skill level. You will be expected to make all the UI that is going to be in Sakura Hotels. For example the “Shop” button on a player’s screen.

Modeler - This job requires a pretty advanced knowledge of the desired modeling software. You will be expected to create furniture, some food, and literally everything that a hotel needs but hasn’t been done by the builders.



$100+ USD or 15,000+ ROBUX

Staff Manager

$10-15 USD or 2,300 ROBUX every week


$50-90 USD or 12,000 ROBUX


$30-50 or 6000 ROBUX


$100+ USD or 15,000+ ROBUX

If you think your work is worth more than I am paying then you can contact me and we can discuss prices
contact us
You can contact us through discord or here on the developer forum.

Discord: sanxyou#9093
DevForum: @sanxyou




Please contact me with any job positions you think are needed for Sakura Hotels to succeed that I havent listed

Added you on discord, I am Schedency#7648

First of all, your payments are wrong, use this to calculate robux to dollars according to DevEx rates

15,000 R$ is 52.50$ according to DevEx

Also, be more percise with the payments - are they weekly, are they monthly, are they a % or just one time payment, also, is there backup payment?

You forgot to leave an example of the build style

Also, dont stretch out the dev team, one person can do both modeling and building, also if you can do graphics desin, then you can probably do the UI too

Also, you forgot to mention how long you estimate this project will take

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Added you. Need to ask questions. I am octavodad.

Sent a friend request on Discord.

Sent you a request, Uttzy#2020. (Font will be different tho)

Sent you a friend request at Discord

Not to be rude or anything but all of the things you listed here are up to my personal preference. What jobs make up the dev team is what I think will work best for a Hotel game. You do bring up a good point with how long the project will take. I didn’t include that because it’s really solely up to the developers. I dont want to push them to work too hard. To answer your question though it wont take too long, maybe 1-2 months.

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Added, Dale#3443 (I’ve scripted a Hotel before).

Hello, I’m Interested In Staff Manager!
Discord : CorruptEquality#1669
Have a blessed day!

I have messaged you on Dev Forum Regarding this role.

Interested in the spot for UI Designer and you can view my portfolio here.

If needed, you can contact me on discord or on the devforums if you have any questions regarding my work. (devTig3r#2580).
I look forward to working with you and your team.

Friended you, varjoy#4366


im actually suprised that the modeler position gets paid more than the scripter position


I’m intrested in modeling, I sen’t you a friend requestion @RainbowStachio#2072

Hi! I added you on Discord. My name is RewrittenDeveloper!

Hey there, really interesting in working for you! Sent a friend request on discord (selepathic#8025)
Hope to talk soon.

Superb excited C: I have contacted you on discord

Yo! I’m interested working with you. Seems like a great opportunity for me, here’s some of my past work - [Portfolio] kd12306 - Builder & Modeler If nothing interests you, all good. :+1:
My discord is KEDO#2667