[CLOSED] Sakura Hotels Looking For Developers [$500+]

Hello! I am highly interested. I contacted you on Discord to apply as UI designer. hope to hear from you!
Discord tag: PalmCrafter#8841

Updated open job positions, UI is now taken by @TheDCraft

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hey there im interested in the builder position i can build a hotel and anything you want me to do discord jailbreak#7767

Just going to say this again. No positions are open except for builder ones. The build style is cartoony but with details.

I added you on Discord. Programmxr#7004 Interested in the builder position.

Post closed, found a builder to complete the team.

Post is now re-opened. Removed the @DEV_Sm and @varjoy from the team.

We are now looking for 1 exterior builder for the buildings and 1 scripter.

Progress so far:



I have sent you a friend request on Discord.
I’m Kara#0003

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Hey there, I’m a scripter. I’ve worked for many hotels and have a lot of experience in scripting hotels.

samtheman#7181 on discord. Looking forward to working with you and your team.

Hello. I’ve had 3 years of developing. I recently took a break for months. I decided to start developing again for 1 week. I wish to apply to become a modeler/builder, if there is any possible spots left. If you have any questions, PM me. I also been using Blender for 4 days now and created terrain using it. I might be a little less advance so you do not have to pay me a lot if you wish. I’ve created games only using parts and unions too. I’ll post two links of examples of the builds that I have made.

Games that I have created this past week;

Sent a friend request at Jurou#4173

Hello! I have sent friend request to you!

Builder position has been filled by @davidiscooI!

Scripter position has been filled!


I am interested!
Heres my portfolio : Experienced Programmer | Beez_up's Portfolio
Contact me on discord ItsChoco#0902

Are you still looking for a staff manager? I would love to help

Hey there, Im interested in becoming your builder, If you’d like to check out my stuff - here’s my portfolio :)) and my discord - Barl#3179

Guys, they stated that all the positions are filled.

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