[CLOSED] SCP Facility Development

SCP Facility Development

About Us

Hello there, we are new, but a quickly growing Group focused on the SCP genre with about 500 members. We are currently looking for Developers for our latest Project - an SCP Facility. The project is expected to be finished by Summer 2019.

The Team
Scripter -
Builder -
Lead Builder -
Lead Scripter -
UI Designer -
Animator -
Programmer -

About The Job

We are looking for professional Builders, Scripters, UI Designers and Modelers to join our team. We expect high quality builds. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and expect to see things moving.


We are paying up to 15% - 20% off all Game Revenue and a permanent developer position in the group if you want, or a high rank. Also some rewards to most progressive developers. (We are a new group and do not have a large fund, we spend all of it into ADs. Also upon the new site release, we will be running ADs valued over 30k robux and sponsored game AD.)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/SkyChillo or via Discord: Moonshadow Elf#3869
You must preferably be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :building_construction:

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15-20% is way too low for a scripter. Also, 15%*7 roles is 105%. How can you possibly pay out 105%?


You are hiring 3 scripters? “Scripter”, “Lead Scripter”, “Programmer”

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Are these new projects or what’s going on? I’ve seen you post at least three similar threads and there hasn’t been much volume regarding what happened to those. What is happening to the team or the project itself? A bit of transparency regarding those would be appreciated.

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2 actually. Programmer and Scripter will hopefully be one.

Hey im Interested in the Scripter role but the problem is your discord name or # are incorrect

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Sorry, i changed it Moonshadow Elf#3869

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