[CLOSED] SCPF Programmer Needed

Special Containment Procedures Foundation

About Us

Hello, SCPF is a subsidiary of CreepySins Studios! The development team is a group of indie game developers who all colletively share a passion in quality game development. We have amassed 35 Million visits over our lifespan and are behind the brains of multiple successful titles on the platform. Our main SCPF group currently has over 375K members.

Our team currently consists of:
@lxuca - Head Developer & Programmer
@unix_system - Programmer
@CheekySquid - Programmer
@NicolaiXeno - Mesh Designer & Animator
@911HoldPls - Builder
@x3fklazomaniac - Builder
@0Skyz - GFX Artist
@CreepySins - Creative Director

We value collaboration and working in a friendly & comfortable environment and are looking for a 4th Programmer to join us to create a better experience for our players. We have high ambitons for 2021 and would love for you to be apart of our plans.

About The Position

We are looking for a programmer who is well orientated with the Roblox API, knows Lua extensively and has a good amount of experience in OOP. We require our team to be open to construtive critisim and be willing to take feedback onboard to improve their code. We expect code to be organized, neat and readable with particular focus on efficiency. Problem solving and having a open mind to changing and reading code which you are unfamilular with is a key aspect of working with us.

We utilize Discord as our primary communication platform and require you to actively communicate with us and engage with the community. On a daily basis you would be working on creating immersive content and features for our dedicated community.


Payment will be negotiated upon your application being approved. As this position requires a consistant amount of hours weekly, we offer a monthly basepay along with substatial bonuses. Typically, 200K+ is an average basepay for a programmer, excluding bonuses obtained through major tasks/projects being completed or through a games projected expectations being exceeded.


If you’re interested in applying, or simply want to learn more about what the position entails, DM me on discord lxuca#1000, or on twitter @_lxuca. Alternatively, you can DM me here, on DevForum.

Thank you for taking your time to read and considering this application!


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