[CLOSED] SirKafui Developer Portfolio (Building, UI Design)

About Me

Hello, I am sirkafui, This post contains my development portfolio, so that others can view my work easily if they are looking for Builders / UI Designers. Also so that I can just link this post to people when they ask for examples of my work. I’m experienced in creating realistic modern building, following reference images or real life areas. I can work collaboratively or solo.


You can view some of my builds and creations here:

Here are some image examples of my Building creations.

Here are some image examples of my UI Design creations.



I am available on the weekends. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work at all times during the week due to school, maybe an hour a day tops, I will notify you if I’m on half-term (school break) and when I’m not.


Prices are negotiable, I accept a set payment of around 750R$ - 5000R$ per buildings (interior included), 250R$ - 1000R$ for singular buildings and 15000R$+ for a large map like a city or town etc, amount depends on size. If bulk payment cannot be done all at once we can discuss a deposit of some sort. My preferred payment method is via group funds due to marketplace fees and pending sales, if that’s not available I can create the shirt or t-shirt but the price will increase to take into account the marketplace fees.


You can contact me via Developer Forum (@sirkafui) & Discord (sirkafui#1042)

Thanks for reading!


[UPDATED 16/04/2021]


Hey, SirKafui! I’d love to commission you for building although your discord username isn’t working! Did you change it recently?

I’m not sure why it’s not working I haven’t recently changed it, maybe you included the brackets?

If you have a group with a discord linked in social links I could possibly join that.


Actually it says that you aren’t accepting friend requests, just checked againimage

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Ah, thats an error on my part. Try sending it now.