[CLOSED] Skyway Airlines

About Us

Hello there, we are Skyway Airlines, a new airline in ROBLOX. We are looking for developers to build our airplanes and airports.

We are looking for modern, luxurious, and realistic builds and models.

The Job

We are looking for:

  • Builders (2/2)
  • Scripters (2/2)
  • UI Designer (1/1)
  • Modeler (1/1)
  • Staff (-/-)

Builder - Builders will be paid the most, and they will need to be very skilled. We need modern, luxurious, and realistic airports, and Boeing/Airbus airplanes.

Scripter - Scripters will work with UI designers often. They will need to script a check-in system, flight boards, a shop, a ticket system, etc. We will talk more in discord.

UI Designer - UI Designers will need to make the screens (flight boards, check-in, in-flight entertainment and flight plan, etc.) throughout the airport and in the airplane.

Modeler - Modelers will need to make the food and drinks for the airline. The menu of what will be served will be provided in discord.


I will show examples in Discord.



7k - 11k


6k - 9k

UI Designers

4k - 10k


7k - 11k


You can contact me through Discord (ely#1913).

If you would like to work at Skyway Airlines, here is the discord.


Thank you for reading!


Would love to be a UI designer, here’s my portfolio. [OPEN] Dope_RBX - User Interface Designer

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Hey I’d love to be your builder! I sent you a friend request on Discord. My tag is Artibyte#1517.

Here is my Portfolio:

Hello! I would work as scripter for your airline! My portfolio: [Open] Scripting service | 2 years experience

I sent you friend request: dillyuwu#4976

Would it be possible to get a ballpark estimate for this one?


Please adhere to the format and be more specific about the payment that you are offering.
A lot of developers will shrug your post off if they have to DM you to know the payment and then have to haggle.

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OP is very unresponsive, will potentially leave people on hold for weeks.

Hello. Please understand that I do have important things going on in my life as well. Sorry if I don’t get back to you immediately.

Just finished doing that. It is above.

Hey my name is Icevicles and I’m interested in applying as a modeler I’ve added you on discord! :slightly_smiling_face:my discord is auraa.#6244.

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