[CLOSED] SmartSystems is employing high ranking staff!

Hello everyone! My name is xJxck_yy, and I am the owner of SmartSystems, a Roblox Technological company. We are currently seeking out people to fulfil an Executive Staff position.

About us

What is SmartSystems? SmartSystems is an upcoming Technological company on the Roblox platform. We currently offer one product; SmartOrders. SmartOrders is a Cafe and Restaurant System. It isn’t currently released, but we’re in Stage 0, soon to be Stage 1 Beta Testing. More information on that can be found on my DevForum post: SmartOrders Information

The Team

What positions are we offering?

We are currently offering two positions, Financial Manager and Marketing Manager. I will explain what these positions are for below.

Financial Manager

Currently, we have one investor, my own personal funds and another investor possibly coming. However, as the only people in the Company who are allowed to manage finances are myself and sasial, we are very busy with other things, like Development, Other Management, and irl.

The Financial Manager needs to be able to have these specifications

  1. Age 13+
  2. Good with teamwork and communication
  3. Must have discord
  4. Should have past experience

The Financial Manager needs to be able to provide/do these things:

  1. Make reports fortnightly on our earnings
  2. Manage investors; such as getting investors, our current investors etc
  3. Be able to help us get more funds (this works closely with Marketing Manager)

Marketing Manager

Very soon, we will have at least 20K Robux to be able to pay for advertising and some other little things. The Marketing manager focuses on Marketing Strategies, GFX if possible (not a huge deal as we have a GFX artist). They also need to have good ways to make our advertisements and marketing stand out, to gain sales, members and then the profits.

The Marketing Manager needs to be able to have these specifications

  1. Age 13+
  2. Good with teamwork and communication
  3. Decent with GFX (Not to make it, but to review it and make good feedback)
  4. Must have discord
  5. Should have past experience

The Marketing Manager needs to be able to provide/do these things:

  1. Work with our GFX artist on good advertisement looks, taglines and more
  2. Use good Marketing Strategies to gain attention and ultimately gain sales
  3. Be able to work well with the Financial Manager, as budgets need to be considered and talked about between the Financial and Marketing Managers


Although I have considered full time payments, there are multiple considerations to take into account. Although we have funding, this needs to go towards essentials. 95 percent of those will be going to advertisements, the rest for other things (not personal use).

Also, considering this is a Staff Position, not a Development position, at this stage we aren’t 100 percent sure of whether payments would be worth it. We will most likely do small payouts at a time at some point, but considering it is a Staff position, and other staff don’t get payment, we won’t be guaranteeing anything.


If you are interested in one of these positions, please reply with your interest, discord name with tag, and what position you would like to have. Please PM me on the DevForum for more information, and to take our next steps.

I look forward to working with you all in the future,


^ Developers do get payments.
Staff-wise, is unlikely; but depending on our success (which is how well you do your job!) you might get payments.

I would like to be a Financial Manager, my discord username is Remembered_Goodbye#3128.

I’ll take any position available. SkyKurr#9748

I didnt understand , Is the GFX artist position availble ? i am interested to apply ,
Discord : Ay-Men xD#7917

Any position would just be splendid. I work well with people and have fair development knowledge!

I actually wanted to know if you guys have a purchase key/whitelist system that is secure and already set up. You say that there is something called “premium”, but how do we know if that is secure?

We-do have a whitelisting system for our products.

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