SmartOrders Information

SmartOrders is a Cafe/Restaurant System created by @xJxck_yy and @sasial. It works similar but is quite different from @wind_o CheckMeIn.
The way it works is, the Customer orders at the order desk or kiosk (Enterprise Edition only). The order is put through to a board in the Staff Area, and then the food is either delivered, or handed out, depending on the Game Devs decision.

Also, SmartOrders isn’t just for a dedicated cafe or restaurant group, it can be used in Hotel games and other games containing a cafe or restaurant, it works either way.

It comes in two editions, Standard and Enterprise. I will list some features down below, these are some; but not limited to:

  • Rich UI with an easy to use interface
  • Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • Staff Cashier and Order Board (to display pending orders)
  • Chef Order GUI (to display the order once claimed from order board)
  • Self Serve Kiosks :calling:
  • Points System :calling:
  • Dark Mode UI :calling:
  • Early access to new versions :calling:
  • More support :calling:
  • Game Portal that controls licensing, purchases and configurations, with an easy to use UI
  • More features to come in the future!

:calling: means Enterprise only.

I would highly recommend getting Enterprise if you can, it has a lot more features and is likely to have more support overtime (:

Standard Edition is 2000 Robux, Enterprise Edition is 4000 Robux. Upgrades to newer versions are always free for existing customers.

Portal for purchase:
Demonstration game:
User guide: SmartOrders 1.0 | User Guide

Some Licensing info includes:

  • Once an edition is bought, there are no refunds, no trade ins. If your license has malfunctioned, please contact xJxck_yy or sasial.
  • If you buy Standard, and decide to upgrade to Enterprise, it will only cost 2000 Robux.
  • Only the owner of the group/game can own the license.
  • Attempts to resell your license will fail, as it won’t register into someone else’s name on our Database
  • Fraud will result in a blacklist and permanent license removal
  • If you change your Roblox Username, it won’t affect your license, as the User ID is stored in our Database, not the Username



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