[CLOSED] SmartSystems is hiring GUI Designers!

Hi there! I am xJxck_yy, the Founder of SmartSystems, alongside @Sasial.

About Us

SmartSystems is a Technological company. We created SmartOrders, a cafe ordering system. We are currently starting to work on SmartOrders 2.0, and are looking for UI designers!

The Job

SmartSystems is looking for a talented UI designer, to make new GUI’s for us. Here are some things to note:

  • GUI’s must be made in Roblox Studio
  • We are looking for a modern, but sleek and clean design

We will need GUI’s such as for a Cashier, Kiosk (self-ordering), Pickup Station (Surface Gui) & an order board.
More can be discussed in direct messages :slight_smile:


  • A portfolio
  • Ability to create UI’s with a modern, but sleek and clean design
  • A decent amount of experience
  • Discord
  • 13+


Payment will be one-time, no percentages, and in Robux. This is negotiable, and we are also willing to make some deals with you. All of this is negotiable, as previously mentioned :slight_smile:


If you are interested in this position, please DM me on Discord: xJxck_yy#7636, or you can DM @sasial on Sasial#9375.
You must have a portfolio ready to show.

We look forward to working with you!


Hello! I might be interested, add me on disc PineapplePie#7271

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It doesn’t let me add you…
Please FR me. (Sasial#9375)

Hello! I am interested, I have sent a request to xJxck_yy. Here is my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] GUI Artist - FizzyColas

Position is now closed, thank you to everyone who applied!

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