[Closed] [Summer Accelerator Program] Looking for Advanced Builder/Modeler/Programmer

Hey developers, I’m looking for some skilled individuals to join me for Roblox’s Summer Accelerator Program! :roblox:

About me

My name is Bloxxer_sama, and I’m a game developer who has been apart of this platform for over 12 years now! Originally I saw the game on a YouTube video back in 2008, and my curiosity got the best of me and led me here. I have been scripting for about 7 years now, and I have only gotten better over the last few years as I have worked through various classes for my Computer Science major in University. The programming languages that I am proficient in are Lua, C, Java, Python, and even some Assembly!

At the moment, I am lead developer and owner of the group Gold. We’re a game development group of about 21k members, and we have released multiple different games, to varying degrees of success. Over all of them, we have about 18 million visits! Creating these games all posed their own challenges for me, and they have introduced me to just about every aspect of Roblox game development.

Some examples of problems I had to solve for my games:
Round-Based games, Scripting Animations, Custom Character models, Gui scripting, Camera Manipulation, Custom Chats, Tools and Weapons, Monetization, Security-sensitive coding, Inventory Systems, Live Terrain scripting, and a bunch more!

No matter the feature that I’m trying to add to my games, I usually find a way. Although, I’ll be very honest in that one of my weakest points is building and modeling. I have some very basic knowledge of Blender and 3dsMax, along with rigging models, although building is a different beast. That’s why I would love to find a very passionate and skilled builder to join my team for Roblox’s Summer Accelerator Program!

About The Job

This thread is concerning the Roblox 2021 Accelerator Program. If you are unfamiliar with it, then please read up on it there. Just so you know, you have to be at least 18 years old to join the Accelerator Program.


Right now I am looking for one or two builders to join me for the game we’ll be making. I won’t be giving too much detail, although this will be a survival type game with multiple round-based maps.

Tasks will include:

  • Part terrain
  • Maybe smooth terrain
  • Structure building
  • Props

If you are able to 3D model, then that’s also a plus and will help the game a lot!


While I feel based on my past experiences that I’ll be able to handle all the coding on my own, I’d love to have another programmer on the team! I am preferably looking for some with strong computer science skills and who have proved that they are capable of problem solving. If you have these skills, one of the coding problems that we will tackle will be infinite terrain generation with biomes and temperature. We will also be using Rojo and Version Control for our programming, so knowledge of Rojo and GitHub are critical.

Other team members

We are open to more team members. If you think your skillset would make a valuable addition to our team, even though I didn’t list it, please reach out anyway!

Payment: :money_with_wings: :heavy_dollar_sign:

To quote the Accelerator Program page, each team member will be paid around $14,000 USD over the course of the program:

The Accelerator Program will provide up to 5 individuals over $13,000 each (plus over $1,000 for technology) to work on a new or existing Roblox Experience full-time for 12 weeks, and provide feedback on the platform.**

As for the payment from the game, I will be giving each team member a percentage Recurring Payout based on the amount of that they do for the game. We can also negotiate this as needed. I will also personally be handling the advertising for our game, as I have a lot of money saved up and ready to be used for Ads and Sponsorships, so our group’s funds will not be needed for advertising.

Along with the pay, you’ll also receive the Black Iron Domino Crown of Interns for participating in the Accelerator program. I also 100% plan for our team to accomplish our goals and ship our game by the end of the program, in which case you’ll also receive the Ship It Crown. Both look pretty sweet imo!

Photos of the hats:
image image


You can contact me by messaging me right here on the Developer Forums or by contacting me on Discord (Bloxxer#5374).

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
- Bloxxer_sama

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