[CLOSED] SyntaxDefinition Portfolio 2021


Greetings, and welcome to my portfolio. My name is SyntaxDefinition. I am a programmer and builder and have been among the ROBLOX community for 6 years as of now.

After all these years, I believe that the time has finally arrived to start putting my experience on paper, well virtually, that is.

My skills are programming, building, game optimization, and landscaping.
I also do VFX and Animation, but do not handle them as well as the ones stated above.

Alongside that, I have over 2 years of team management experience and have operated as head developer in multiple groups, most notably LuminousXVIII’s “United States Army” group, currently at 70 thousand members.

Here are my previous and current positions:

I am currently working as a system engineer at @Luckit’s game: "Anime High School"

I used to be head developer at @LuminousXVIII’s United States Army [70K MEMBERS]
I used to be a system engineer at @RussianBenevolent’s Soviet Union [80K MEMBERS]

In this category, you can see all of my works that I think best depicts my works and defines me as a developer.

Programming Examples
Year 2020

Detain System
This detain system uses welds to smoothly move other players around, the system also has modes to hold people in a place or move them to your mouse position.

A scripted entity I made for @Rensiege’s “Biological Testing Facility”

Cartoony platformer effects
Cartoony jump effects along with a custom material system I made for one of my games.

Team Cleaner
One of the more simple scripts I have made, this script checks if there are not any players on a team, if so, it removes it and stores it for later.

Custom door transition system
This is a custom door system I made as a private project. This door system is coded in a modular way so it’s simple for me to add new doors or even new door types.
Almost everything within the system is fully customizable.

Anti- fly/speed/jump exploit
Custom anti-exploit system prevent flight, jump hacks and speed hacks. This system was made for LuminousXVIII’s “United States Army”

Custom hitbox system
I made this system using Region3, this system is coded in a modular way where it’s easy to add new types of damage, moves and even hitbox shapes.

3D Undertale battle engine
This 3D battle system was one of my personal projects, it features a modular system where it is easy to add new enemies, attacks and even entirely new battles within it.

Year 2021
Visual Effects Examples

VFX Project: "Corrupted Demon"
This was one of my very first VFX projects, it features a glitchy VFX effect made using a mix between a vertex group, vertex group weight and a mask.

Interface Examples

Navigation Shop UI
Shop UI made for LuminousXVIII’s “United States Army”

Part generation menu
Private project by @tackyv and me, this menu generates a local part generation class which uses part caching to smoothly generate hundreds of parts.

Bottom Menu
This is a menu I made for @Nautium’s “Royal Marines”
This menu features tween effects, click effects and a UI coded in a single script architecture.

Building Examples

Landscape 1#
This landscape was built as one of my personal projects.

Entrance view court:
This court was also made as one of my private projects it features high-quality textures from CC0Textures.

Yongen Jaya Station, Persona 5
This is my take at re-creating the Yongen Yaja station from the popular JRPG “Persona 5 (royal)”, this picture was taken during phase 3 of TFIB.

Entrance view US base
This is one of my more advanced terraforming projects, this detailed terrain was made for LuminousXVIII’s “United States Army”

I am active on ROBLOX for about 2-3 hours every day on average. I try to balance development and school as much as possible to times that may vary depending on how busy I am.
My timezone is CE(S)T and may not always be online all the time for clients overseas. But I read my DMs every single day so that is no issue.

I usually do not charge a standard fee for each commission I take. It all comes down to what price my client and I can agree upon, which in my eyes has always seemed to work for me.

As my minimum fee however, I ask for a minimum of 3500 :robux_light:
For bigger projects, or management I ask for a minimum of 5000 :robux_gold:

To get in touch with me, either forward me a message through the forum or to my discord account using the username:


I’ve hired him before, there isn’t any complaints at all from me, when I wanted something to be changed he not only changed it but made it even better.
From just this one commission you are able to clearly tell that this user has had years of background experience.
I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to commission him, totally worth it!


Syntax has currently been working under my dev team for a few months, and while it may have taken time to get used to how we do things in our studio, he easily became one of the best devs we have ever had.
He displays strong determination, a healthy amount of curiosity enough to learn and improve where it’s needed, and great communication. His amount of knowledge in relation to coding is astounding and yet it continues to grow at a rapid rate. He is extremely organized and always on schedule when you need him to be. His teamwork is unmatched and it would be unwise to pass him up.