Closed, thank you

Closed, thank you for applying.


Would you like scripter for the UI related script, or for the whole game?

Thank you for your question, we would like our scripter to script the entire game.

How much do you plan to pay people?

Depends on your work, 40% to 60%.

How much do you think you will make off this game in total?

I actually recommend getting seperate people, one UI Designer and one Scripter for high quality works. If you’re willing to hire a UI designer only, who can animate/tween UIs, shoot me a message on discord, Techy#9999

I Agree, this can not be done with one person.

I hate to be “that guy” to the two other people BUT, I wouldn’t mind opening Photoshop and cranking a UI or two and programming here’s my business card - 4wku Business Card

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