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Tobes Transportation Authority

About Us

We’re Tobes Transportation Authority and we are a North American-based transit roleplay company. We’ve been around for 5+ years with about 2600 members in our group. Our motto is A greener way to travel. We operate a variety of vehicle types including buses, streetcars/trams and subways. The way our group works is akin to a real life transit company: you must apply for the position you’d like (it’s a very simple application), get trained to operate those vehicles and drive around while also following your route and schedule. We host shifts daily with our maps rotating.

Administration Team
TobyOH - Chief Executive Officer
ExecDelta - Head of Operations
CheezGamer21 - Head of Infrastructure
DigitalizedNightmare - Assistant Head of Infrastructure
Maxim88183 - Head of Human Resources
SimuTech1701 - Head of Safety and Training
TheDavinchoo - Head of Communications
NekoWaysThere - Chief Supervising Officer

What We’re Looking For

At the moment, we are currently looking to update our rail vehicles to be with a new chassis and HUD as the current ones are currently extremely unreliable.

To put it simply, we are currently looking for a scripter (preferably one that specializes in vehicles) and a UI maker.* This position can be either permanent or temporary. Our deadlines are flexible and can be negotiated.

Examples of our work

Click on the arrow below to see what we’ve done so far.

Our Maps and Fleet

Orion VII OG at our Bathurst Division map

UTDC CLRV streetcars operating at Fallowfield Division

Hawker-Siddeley Subways at Lorimer Division


We can pay in either Robux or via PayPal (USD). Prices can be negotiated in DMs but please note PayPal is preferred.

Contact Us

Please contact me directly on Discord. My username is Analog? Analog!#0621. You must be 13+ to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Wish I was qualified enough to apply. Good luck to any applicants.

Hello I am interested in this opportunity! I just added you on Discord.

Portfolio: Disordinance Building Portfolio | Closed momentarily |

Hey! I am an UI Designer and Intermediate scripter, but I don’t really know how to make A-Chassises.

Hi there! I’d love to talk to you more about this. Feel free to sling me a DM on Discord about this.

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I am interested in making the ui

Check my portfolio for samples, sent FR.

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