[CLOSED!](Translating for free*) [ENG - PL] Kacper532's portfolio

I am currently closed for being hired, as I will be translating 2 games soon. If you want to order translations, do it on devforum or discord, but remember, it will take time.

This portfolio is ONLY for people who wants to read what’s going on here on this topic or ARE just intrested in hiring me. Please don’t leave any comments here because I don’t want any discussion here as there were here previously. As I said, this portfolio is only be seen, if you have any question feel free to DM me on DevForum. If you think my portfolio is good/well made just leave heart, I don’t really like spam under my topics.

About me
I am ROBLOX player since 2012, and I have created account in early 2013.I have been around ROBLOX for 8 years. I am from Poland, which can probably mean my Polish language level can be bit high. I am seriously developing since 2017. I might be sometimes writing Polish translations on #bulletin-board of some updates from #public. This can be also proof of my English proficiency.

My translations on #bulletin-board:

  1. Beta. It's for Everyone! - Translation
  2. There's a new Robux icon! - Translation

Games I have translated:

Languages and why them?*
I can translate your games in both languages; if in English and want it to Polish, or if in Polish and want it to English.

Why Polish?

  • Polish is one of the most common languages in ROBLOX that players use to communicate with each other;

  • Most of polish players are children in age 8 - 14 year old that may have problem with English language;

  • In any ways, translations can teach other people polish language.

My English level
I have been learning English since 2010, and I can say that my English is ‘strong’. As a kid, I used to read almost everytime text in English, and I can say that I have learned English aswell by ROBLOX and similiar games I used to play. Below, I will write something I do know about English language:

  • I can understand a wide range of more demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning
    in them.
  • I can express myself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for the
    right expression.
  • I can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
    I can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing correct
    use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.
Polish Text

i tylko tego mi trzeba
zieleni łąk, błękitu nieba
w powietrzu kwiatów woni
i naszych splecionych dłoni

i słońca ciepłych promieni
co pieszczą naszą skórę
jakże nie kochać Boga
za tak piękną naturę

gdy ptak szczebiotem swoim
budzi do życia dzień nowy
mogłabym słuchać bez końca
jego bajecznej przemowy

a świerszcze co w trawy dywanach
wciąż skrzypiec melodią ujmują
od lat już w moim sercu
wysokie miejsce zajmują

i w zachwyt szczery popadam
i kocham natury tej brzmienie
i pragnę być jego częścią
w harmonii poczuć spełnienie

nie można być obojętnym
na piękno wokół stworzone
bez niego nasze życie
szarością bywa dręczone


I just want this,
green meadows, blue sky,
Hot sun’s rays,
that pet our skin,
how not to love God,
for such beautiful nature.

When a bird with it’s piping,
Make wake up new day
I could listen forever
his fabolous speech

Crickets in grasses carpets
Still creak’s melody include
For years in heart
High place occupy.

And in admiration honest I fall
And I love the nature’s sound
And I want be it’s piece
In harmony feel accomplishment

We can’t be neutral
for the beauty all around our lifes
without it our lifes
would be so gray.

Payment and contact*

I only go with robux ONLY IF TRANSLATING SOME FORMAL DOCUMENTS; I take 10R$ per word. I am translating/checking games for free. If I am a member of any Localization Team, the owner can decide if I should take money or not, but privately I translate games for free. You can add me on discord or write by PMs on devforum.
Discord: Ziki#8117


  • Q1: Why are you translating for free?

  • A1: I am not only on this platform to earn robux, neither I am not translating some really formal or important files/documents. It is just my passion to translate or just help other people, not like some other Polish translators who are here just for money (…)

  • Q2: Why are the first few sentences ‘offensive’ and ‘aggresive’?

  • A2: While writing this text I didn’t mean to attack anyone, but to avoid spam, as some other translator just got jealous, when I created this portfolio and was spamming with bunch of fake informations under it. Till today, I am still cleaning up the portfolio out of chaos.

  • Q3: What’s your English level/status?

  • A3: I don’t really care to make official level ‘C2’ or lower, like other translator is crazy about it. I would rather focus on communication, efficiency and (un)gained experience. I will no longer be rating my English Level with this ‘C2’ stuff, but with my actuall experience.

  • Q4: What have you translated yet?

  • A4: I was only translating formal texts. I can’t show proof. I have also translated some texts from #public to #bulletin-board. I was also teaching my russian friend called Katrina Polish by discord.

  • Q5: I can’t reach your discord. What should I do?

  • A5: Even this question can be easy to answer, there can be always some malfunctions in understanding this topic. You can simply DM me on devforum and together we will be solving out this problem.

  • Q6: Can I test you with some random texts so I you will prove with that you are ‘good and honest translator’?

  • A6: I was fooled with this once, although, I don’t understand here word ‘test’. You can’t really test me out or other translators with such ‘tests’, unless you know something basic about the language. Even I am translating for free, such tests will not be tolerated by me.

  • Q7: When there is the best situation to hire you and translate my game?

  • A7: This question can be bit confusing. You can hire me anytimes, but I prefer when the game is quite popular and has at least 500+ players a day.

  • Q8: When I should not hire you?

  • A8: It’s all up to you. I don’t force anyone to hire me etc. Although, I don’t want to be hired if you don’t know what I should do in your team, when you know you are really offensive, can’t communicate well.

  • Q9: Are you the best translator on the market?

  • A9: I call myself a best translator because I am the one (Polish) translator that doesn’t translate stuff stiltedly. Poles almost always talk in vernacular (almost never formal way), and most of our translators don’t understand this thing.
    Didn’t find your question? Ask me privately and I’ll add it here!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: