[CLOSED] True Colors (72k+ Members) - Full Time Builder

Long-Term Builder needed

About Us

Hello everyone! My name is Errin and I am the Head Administrator at True Colors. We are the largest LGBTQ+ support group on ROBLOX with over 72,000 members. Established back in 2012, our group has come a long way since then. Our group’s focus is to support the LGBT community, which contains different orientations, and gender identities. As always, anyone is welcome regardless of their identity.

You can visit our group here: True Colors - Roblox

The Team
@N/A - Builder
@HammieJammie - Scripter
@TBA - UI Designer

About The Job

As you will be starting off on a clean slate, we want to emphasize what will be expected of you as well as the prerequisites.


  • Must be of at least 13 years of age.

  • Must have a good reputation on ROBLOX and be open to the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Must have prior experience in building and/or scripting.

  • Must have a portfolio.

  • Must have good communication skills


Expectations for Builder

You will need to keep in mind that you will be building a hangout game. You will be expected to build a map that will be an enjoyable place for our community to hold events, gatherings, and more while still incorporating LGBT aspects to it.

Expectations for Scripter

You will be required to engage in projects such as creating in-game currency, updating our admin list, creating a rank system for people to change their roles in the group, as well as ensuring that the game is enjoyable by adding several features which we will disclose with you if you are to be hired.

Expectations for UI Designer

You will need to show proficiency with all UI tools, as well as being able to make a clean, user-friendly interface that all people will enjoy. Our game will need necessary assets such as in-game currency, buttons, game pass icons and more. We can further discuss what else will be required of you once you get hired.

You will essentially be a part of our staff team as you will be given basic permissions in the Discord server while also having full access to the game and over time, as you gain our trust we will eventually allow you to enter our Human Resources team.


Payment will be divided based on total work carried out. Upon being hired, initial payments to each developer will be given upfront. After all work has been completed, final payments will be issued to each developer. Payments will also continue to be given over the course of your time here at True Colors.

Initial payments:
Builder - 10,000 robux
Scripter - 5,000 robux
UI Designer - 5,000 robux

Final payments:
Builder - 15,000 robux
Scripter - 7,500 robux
UI Designer - 7,500 robux

Contact Us

If you are interested in this position or have any concerns, Please contact me on Discord at errin#4404. There, I can also send you our Developer application, and our owner’s contact information if needed.

Thank you for reading! :rainbow:


I am a builder you can hire me :smiley:

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Added, will#4070!
Looking forward to this opportunity.

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Congratulations on devforum entry, and sorry I couldn’t have helped post this. I’ve already applied with the group of my choice. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Looking for any graphic designers?

I am interested and have sent a friend request on Discord. I am Quionew#2800 on Discord fyi.

Here’s my portfolio. Contact me if you’re interested.

Discord: Coneylove133#2653

Wouldn’t be interested in a spanish translator?


I believe we are currently not looking for any graphic designers at the moment.

Hi, Please reach out to me Discord so I can link you to our Developer application. errin#4404

Hello, I am a programmer and I am very interested in this position! Sent a friend request, my discord is DaffyDavinko#0078 .

Portfolio: Intermediate Programmer
Twitter: twitter.com/DaffyDavinko

Hi waht do you mean with open to the LGBTQ+ community.?
I do not have a portfolio now, but I do not think that this will hinder us

you can see my Work here at UI Designer

[https://gyazo.com/ebf345dafee81fa15b64b43d1009bd3a ]
[https://gyazo.com/a9c9ab5c420828752f3a69a9f8613ed8 ]

It means have an open mind. It’s important that you support all aspects of the LGBTQ+ community as you will be working very closely with members who may be in it.

30 Charrr…

I am bit surprised about it, because everyone on devforum is respectful.

is the game about creating LGBT hangout?

I’ve dmed you, my discord is: Jurou#4173

Interested on this position!
It’d be a great opportunity for me to work on this project.
Sent a friend request. 2Bvild#6601

Yes, we will be needing a hangout that is meant for the LGBT community, however as stated in the post anyone is welcome.

Hi! What is meant by being open to the LGBTQ+ Community is exactly what @grilme99 said. If you have not contacted me on Discord, please do so I can send you our application as it will be closing sometime today.

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