Intermediate Programmer

Greetings User

Hello! I am DaffyDavinko a fairly new programmer and penetration tester! I have got into programming inspired by some people that are good at what they do and by just the opportunity to try new things. Since I am not that advanced I have the right to decline or don’t do a commission or project if I think I cannot do it.


Here are some of my showcase work and past work that I did:


Plot Data - Roblox Studio 2020-04-13 19-06-10 GIF | Gfycat – Plot Choosing System
Spill System - Roblox Studio 2020-04-10 12-58-03 GIF | Gfycat – Spill Generator
Command - Roblox Studio 2020-04-13 20-09-13 GIF | Gfycat – Basic Kick Command

Code Structure

Recipe Manager - – Recipe Manager
House Ownership - – House Ownership
utf-8 Lua Encoding - – Utf-8 Simple Decoder

Penetration Testing

Its empty for now. :frowning:


Epic Framework

Epic Framework is a current project that Is still in development but in other words its a framework that includes a lot of helpful modules created by a variety of people and organizes the game your working in. As well it will be coming free to download and open-sourced on Github. As the plugin Is in its early stages I have no actual footage of the plugin in action.


Prices are negotiable, I accept per hour, per asset, one time pay or percentage. I will accept percentage only if the game has a valid team, some progress and back-up payment and of course if I like the idea or I don’t have that many commission or projects.


You can contact me on my discord or roblox:


Updated Code Structures and others!