[CLOSED] True Colors (72k+ Members) - Full Time Builder

Congratulations on devforum entry, and sorry I couldn’t have helped post this. I’ve already applied with the group of my choice. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Looking for any graphic designers?

I am interested and have sent a friend request on Discord. I am Quionew#2800 on Discord fyi.

Here’s my portfolio. Contact me if you’re interested.

Discord: Coneylove133#2653

Wouldn’t be interested in a spanish translator?


I believe we are currently not looking for any graphic designers at the moment.

[OPEN] Low Poly Builder and Modeler | Buildings, Pets, Foods , Furnitures and More Here is my portfolio.

Hi, Please reach out to me Discord so I can link you to our Developer application. errin#4404

Hello, I am a programmer and I am very interested in this position! Sent a friend request, my discord is DaffyDavinko#0078 .

Portfolio: Intermediate Programmer
Twitter: twitter.com/DaffyDavinko

Hi waht do you mean with open to the LGBTQ+ community.?
I do not have a portfolio now, but I do not think that this will hinder us

you can see my Work here at UI Designer

[https://gyazo.com/ebf345dafee81fa15b64b43d1009bd3a ]
[https://gyazo.com/a9c9ab5c420828752f3a69a9f8613ed8 ]

It means have an open mind. It’s important that you support all aspects of the LGBTQ+ community as you will be working very closely with members who may be in it.

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I am bit surprised about it, because everyone on devforum is respectful.

is the game about creating LGBT hangout?

I’ve dmed you, my discord is: Jurou#4173

Interested on this position!
It’d be a great opportunity for me to work on this project.
Sent a friend request. 2Bvild#6601

Yes, we will be needing a hangout that is meant for the LGBT community, however as stated in the post anyone is welcome.

Hi! What is meant by being open to the LGBTQ+ Community is exactly what @grilme99 said. If you have not contacted me on Discord, please do so I can send you our application as it will be closing sometime today.

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Good I have sent you
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