[CLOSED] UI Designer for Blox World

About Us

Hey, I’m ToadRBX the owner of Blox World (the largest theme park on Roblox by group size). We’re currently looking in to investing further in to our park to grow it beyond other Roblox theme parks such as Universal Roblox.

You can see our game here: Blox World 🏰 Main Street (Theme Park) - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a qualitable yet affordable UI designer to redesign both the UIs in our game and create a new loading screen, and menu like the one seen at Universal Roblox.


We’re looking to get UIs that look good like the ones seen above. However, with the UI designers own style.


I’m unable to give any payment details but I’d like to receive as many quotes from UI designers. If you’re interested in working with us, please DM me here and tell me how much you’d expect me to pay you. We’ll be in contact with everyone that are interested. Robux will be preferred but may be able to pay in USD.

Don’t write replys asking for an exact payment. Contact for details if interested.


I’m interested, What’s your discord?


Hey there,

I’d take on this job for USD, here’s my Portfolio showcasing all of my work: Ted | UI Designer for Hire

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Please contact me and give me an estimate amount that you would require for a job like this.


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Added on Discord.

Person who suites the role has been found.

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