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About Me

Hi my name is Ted, known as “TheGreatAIexander” on ROBLOX, but people call me Ted just because that’s my name, I guess :man_shrugging:. I am 18 years old, and I am a UI Designer and I am looking for some Work to do. I love making UI Design, and I have an interest in getting a degree in Digital Art in College. I am a team-player, I work well with other people, and overall I’m the most committed worker that you can find on this platform. I don’t give up until the job is done, and lots of people know that about me.

Programs that I use

I use Photoshop and Cinema 4D. For Cinema 4D, I use that for making thumbnails, but for UI Design, I use Cinema 4D to render things such as game items like weapons or tools, which I then implement into my UI.

Here is an example of my work.

UI Work


Digital Art

Uploading: youtube outro test1.png… Uploading: Blackwater Thumbnail.png… SciFi%20Soldier%20Helmet%20Drawing

Uploading: The Barbarian Tribes_NewLogo.png… Uploading: TheAlliesToCaesar_NewLogo.png… Uploading: TheRomanParacletum_NewLogo.png… Uploading: Tenth Legion Logo Concept 1.png… Uploading: Scene_CarniaStandalone.png… ad2th

Also, here is a link to my deviantart gallery. Here is where I post literally everything that I make, immediately after I make it: https://www.deviantart.com/theteddavis/gallery/


I am pretty active online, I usually always have my phone handy if I go out somewhere. But overall, I am someone that you can count on to get the job done.


I prefer working by the hour, but anything works for me. I can take ROBUX as payment, but I prefer USD through Paypal.

Typically, I work anywhere from $15-20 USD/Hour. Depending on the Quality of UI needed. For Robux, I work anywhere from 5-10k R/Hour, again, depending on the Quality of UI needed.


You can message me here on the DevForum (or) add me on discord: Ted#9246

[CLOSED] UI Designer for Blox World

Really nice work!




Added two more UI Designs that I created.


Me and my partner are actively looking for a UI designer. I’ll definitely keep this in mind.


thanks (:


By chance, do you have any examples of SCI-FI UI work?


Never tried it but that’s something that I can learn relatively easily. Any genre-style is ideally not an issue, I feel that I am confident enough to do UI successfully in any genre, I just have to actually do it.


And one more question, it says you’re fine with any form of payment (either hourly or all at once). Do you have specific price tags for levels of quality and/or have a minimum (like you won’t go below a specific number)? And how long does this work normally take?


All of my work is done to the best of my abilities. If it is not perfect to the people I am working for, I work until it is perfect for what the need/want.

For pricing, I like to take on big commissions, but if there is a few UI that needs to be done, I can do that; however I am fine with really anything, but I might discuss prices further in DMs depending on the project.

Really, it all varies on the work that needs to be done. However I can ensure you that I won’t try to haggle you or anyone when it comes to taking on jobs.

Hope this clears it up.


Alright, thanks.

I’ll let you know if anything comes up.




@TheCelvestian Added two pictures. Here’s just a simple attempt at what I can do with UI for the sci-fi genre, but this is really just a first attempt.


Do you also script the UI?

Can you provide price ranges?

How much R$ per hour?

How much R$ per Asset/Bundle?

How long does it take for you to complete a UI?

How do you organize UI Instances?

Do you rename them?

Can you provide a link to your Showcase?


I do not script the UI.

I guess I can provide price ranges. Although my biggest commission I took was working 10,000 ROBUX an hour working on UI for the game, A Wolf or Other, however the Game Studio had a very popular game and was able to pay a decent amount of money due to their earnings. I do not want to say this to discourage people to hire me, it’s just simply my only experience that I have from working for someone and what my payment was like.

If I work by the hour, I’d expect around 5 to 10k an hour. I prefer working by the hour, because it’s flexible for me and it gives me an amount of time and allows me to make a goal of what I want to make in x amount of hour(s).

It is complicated to come up with a price per asset. For example, if I was given the task of making icons for a game that has weapons, tools, etc, that would require me to have to take their items, render them in C4D, and organize them all on separate icons on Photoshop.

It does not take me very long to make UI. I can probably bang out UI for an entire game (if it does not involve making icons for every item’s game) in around a day or two, maybe even three or four. Working on my last project, A Wolf or Other, that took around two weeks because I had to make a lot of mock-up designs for who I worked for, and we decided which design we wanted to go with. I would not say the work was tedious, but it simply took awhile since I had to re-do a lot of things due to the person I worked for asking for specific details, as well as coming up with more ideas along the way as I was making UI. However, I worked hard and kept working on the UI until he was completely satisfied with my work.

Not sure how to answer your last second to last question.

Here are two games that have UI that is made by me:
A Wolf Or Other
Welcome to Rome


Happy Birthday by the way. Also I like the two pictures. Just waiting for my partner to get back from his short break to check this out. And do you do USD for payment? Almost forgot to ask.


Thanks so much. Yea I do USD for payment as well, yes.


Here I’ll add you on Discord for further questions :slight_smile:.


Added five more things to my portfolio. Three of them are links to imgur albums of actually, a lot of my creations. Things such as GFX, Buildings, Logos, and a lot more stuff.


That’s very informative, let’s say I want UI for my entire game would you accept 100K-200K R$ vai GroupFunds Or 100-200 USD via Paypal?

What I mean by

For Text that will Display Informative Text to Players, will end with Txt (ends with Text if the Text doesn’t change)

For Buttons will end with Btn

For TextBoxes will end with Box

For Frames will end with F

For Images will end with Img

Those things are what I do.

So do you do something similar to this?