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Hello, I am UnknownParabellum! I am a self-taught programmer, with 3 years of experience, who is trying to make a name for himself. Although I primarily work on my own projects, and for the next little while I’ll be happy to work on yours too :grin:

With three years of experience under my belt, I have worked on a variety of games, which has taught me how to successfully organize and complete projects with high-quality code and good code structure.

I employ a variety of methods and tools to organize and expedite my programming process, usually involving paradigms like object-oriented programming and ECS while also using tools like Rojo and TestEZ.

I am also well experienced with common libraries/resources like Rodux, Maid, and Promise which can help keep my code clean, readable, and effective.

My Workflow

The following are the typical steps I’d take to finish a typical commission.

  1. Receive a commission request.
  2. Plot out a rough plan of the necessary steps to completing the commission.
    (How should my scripts be structured? What are some challenges that I have to overcome? What are the basic components of this commission?)
  3. Discuss payment and rough completion date with the client.
  4. Receive the first payment and start working.

Completion Day

  1. Go through what’s been completed and present a video showcasing what’s been completed.
  2. a. If the client thinks everything is good, I receive the other 70%, then help the client set everything up on their end.
    b. If the client thinks I am missing anything or wants more added then we go back to step 2.

Here are a few examples of my work.

Untitled RTS Game Collection

A Star Pathfinding: [Older build]

Building System [Checks certain requirements for buildings before placing]

[Selection and selling of buildings]

Economy System [See that treasury increases and decreases]

Time System [See that the moon’s position changes as the clock progresses]

ASCPF Collection

Security Cam System

Gun Firing System

Door System [Requires certain items in inventory to open]

Apollo SCPF Collection

These are a few works I did for Apollo SCPF
Apollo SCPF Group

Fancy Door System
For this system, I made the UI and scripted the door and UI. The door opens only when you have a few valid tools in your backpack and if you don’t have the right tool a different message pops up.

Basic XP and Cash System
This system can give players XP and if they had enough XP their level would increase and receive a small cash reward. For the sake of testing, I gave the player XP periodically to test my UI.

Basic Chunkloading System
A simple system that unloads parts that are out of a certain range, which in theory would improve performance. In this video, you’ll see that scripted objects still work after being unloaded and loaded again.
Chunk Loading System - YouTube

City-17 Collection

This Collection contains some of the work I did for City-17 found here:

Menu Button
By pressing a button, the player is queued to be placed on the menu screen. If the player moves or takes damage they are removed from the queue.

Frisk System
This includes an advanced notification system. This allows certain teams to check if a civilian has contraband and if so the civilian loses 100 work points and the contraband is confiscated.

Open Source Collection

Anti-Exploit Framework
An Anti Exploit module that allows for easy implementation of new anti exploits [more info in link]
Anti-Exploit Framework | UnknownParabellum

Improved AI
A slightly improved “SCP-049” AI that makes sure that it can not follow certain teams out of a specified box
Door System 2 - YouTube

A Star Pathfinding Showcase
This is the same system as shown in the simulation collection. Please see this post if you want to test out the system yourself!
Open Source A* Pathfinding Showcase

Chess Demo
This is the same version as in the chess collection.
[OPEN SOURCE] Chess Demo

Board Utilities
Various utils for pseudo-2D arrays.
Board Utilities | For all your 2D board needs!

Chess Collection

Here is my chess project. My goal is to eventually allow multiplayer and perhaps even a little chess engine.

I opened sourced a version of this collection:
[OPEN SOURCE] Chess Demo

Here is what I have so far:


All Pseudo-legal Movement has been fully implemented
Here is a showcase of all movement.

A few things that I have placed into the spotlight.

  1. Proper Castling Rules

  2. En Passant

  3. Many Themes

Simulations Collection

This collection will hold some of the simulations and interesting algorithms I’ve made
A Star Pathfinding and Roact
A little test I made while I was learning to use Roact. You can draw barriers and it’ll try and find a path to the other corner.

Basic Physics
I’ve been learning about physics recently so I thought it would be interesting to make a physics simulator in Roblox. Right now I’ve got a basic framework set up. I plan on adding more complex features in the future.

Miscellaneous Collection

Moon Generator
A moon generator that takes in multiple parameters [Moon Size,Moon Distance from Pivot, etc]
[A single iteration]

[A GIF showing the generator iterating over many times]

Another Door System
This door system allows the player to lock doors and to pick those locks [by completing a tiny challenge]. And of course, the doors can open and close!
Portfolio Showcase: Door System - YouTube

ANOTHER door system
For the past few years, I’ve been making door system after door system. This is one of the first ones I’ve made. You can press E to enter and it’ll play a fun little transition animation.
boop - YouTube

Another SCP door
This was a commission I did the past for a custom SCP door system
Devforum Post

Please Open and Read Before Hiring!

To not waste my time, I need you to give a proper introduction for yourself in the first message. I do not respond to DMs that start with short greetings like “hi” or "hello how are you doing"

Although it may seem obvious to some, this is how you properly introduce yourself to me.

  1. Be clear that you want to commission me - This can just be something like, “Hello my name is XXXX and I want to commission you for some scripting work.”

  2. Be descriptive when telling me what you need me to do - I can not stress how important it is for you to provide as much information as possible about what you need done! Preferably give me pictures or video examples of what you need done. ALSO, consider if this script needs to be compatible with a certain framework if it needs to written in a certain style, etc.

Just be descriptive and clear and we will get along very well!

  1. 30% of the negotiated price must Be paid out before starting on any commission and the rest paid out at the end.

  2. If you find any bugs within 2 weeks of the commission being completed then I can fix it for you for free.

  3. At the start of every commission, I will provide an estimated time until completion. Should I fail to finish the commission by that time, I will provide an 8% discount per day

  4. Regarding refunds, I can only accept refunds before the commission is completed.

Prices are not set but this will be a good idea of how much I'd charge for.

Basic Package

The Basic Package Includes:

  1. Short Term Commitment

  2. 2- 5 Relatively Simple Scripts similar to the System Found in my Miscellaneous Collection

$20 - $70

Advanced Package

The Advanced Package Includes:

  1. Medium - Long Term Commitment

  2. 5-10 Relatively Simple Scripts similar to the Systems Found in my Miscellaneous Collection
    or 2-5 Relatively Complex Scripts similar to the Systems Found in my RTS Game Collection

$70 - $350

Prices are Negotiable and Can Vary Depending on What exactly You need Done

These packages are simply price gauges so you are aware of the estimated price for certain systems

I am available at the following times:

Monday - Friday: 2:00 Pm EST - 6:00 Pm EST

Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 Am EST - 5 Pm EST

You may contact me via Discord, Twitter or the DevForum however, I do prefer Discord over all else.

Discord: @CX<#3933

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExedusNoodle

Email: joeymandelprogamming@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/MrPineappleMan
[Here you can find some of my public projects]

Thank you for considering me as your next developer! Have a great day!!


hey I like your work I invite you to join my development studio in our biggest project I was just looking for a good programmer but the payment is somewhat delayed for now even so I await your answer Thank you for the time

Edit: 10/23/2020


  • Added City-17 Collection

  • Added Commission Process

  • Opened Commissions for Short to Medium Term Projects

Edit: 11/24/2020


  • Added Availability
  • Added Terms of Service
  • Changed title and subtitle art
  • Added Bundle System [For better reference]
  • Added Frisk Example for City-17
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  • Updated About Me
  • Added Chess Collection

Limited Time Sale!

03/12/2020 - 3/22/2020


  • For 10 days all my prices are half off!

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  • Added A* Pathfinding example to miscellaneous collection

Edit: 4/22/2021


  • Added Apollo SCPF Collection
    • Chunk loading Showcase
    • Fancy Door System
    • XP/Leveling and Cash System
  • Added simulations collection
    • Moved A* Pathfinding to this category

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  • Added A* Pathfinding Showcase to Open Source

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  • Fixed twitter link, it now brings you to the correct account

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  • Added a basic physics system to Simulations Collection

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  • Swapped out Chess examples for examples that have a space background [just so it looks nicer]

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  • Added Chess Demo to open-sourced

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  • Added another example of physics system

Edit: 7/14/2021

Happy bastille day! :confetti_ball:


  • Added Fancy Door system to Misc.
  • Added Board Utilities to Open-Source

Edit: 08/31/2021


  • Removed option for paying via Robux
  • Open for Commissions!
  • Added a My Workflow section

Side note. I am happy to say that it’s been over a year since I started taking commissions!
Thank you, everyone, I hope you have a good day! :grin:

Thanks for the support everyone!
I am very happy with the work I’ve done in the past year of this portfolio being up and I hope to do even more! :grin:

Because Roblox is shutting down collaboration
My portfolio will be probably be moved to the talent hub for the future:

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