[OPEN SOURCE] Chess Demo

So I was looking back on a few old completed projects and I found my old chess demo.
This is an old version so the code is a little dated but it still works pretty well.

Anyways here’s a video showing its basic function. Feel free to take a look at the place, see how the board works and improve off of it.

Chess Game First Working Version.rbxl (109.7 KB)


Nice, I’ll be sure to look at it. From the looks of it, the system seems well programmed. One question though: Does it support two players or only one?


I’m afraid it only supports one player, sorry.

Awesome, this is really cool dude!

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can you make a copy of that for play with my friends alone (i will make credits) and dont publish it

That is very cool. I think that kind of game, can change Roblox in a lot of ways! Great job!

I know this is a old thread but I just wanted to say this is pretty cool! Based off your code you seem to be a pretty advanced coder! I’m currently trying to make my own chess game but it’s super hard lol.


Wow, this is a very nice creation. Thank you for making it open source it will for sure help me a little bit with coding!