(CLOSED) Upto 10k robux looking for experienced builder(s) for homestore

I’m looking for a homestore builder for my group angelic closet you can view the group right here:

Need good experienced builder(s) let me know if your willing to work in a team or by yourself.

This is what I modeled how I want my home-store to be like (I was rushing so it may be a little messy)

There is not a specific time frame I need it to be done but ideally within a month if you can.

Please contact me via Devforum or the contact I usually prefer is my Discord.

Discord: valreyia#4196
ROBLOX: Valreyia


Find me in discord I think I can do something for you: K͙U͙R͙O͙ # 2870

Are you in need of a modeler? If you are making a homestore, you may want one. If you are intrested, please send me a friend request @RainbowStachio#2072.

Are you able to contact me back on discord, wut goes here?#6759 is my username

Hello, I am interested Check out my Portfolio! Everything you need to know about ordering my services will be on there! RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio [OPEN]

Im interested in this. I have experience building home stores. My disc is Cammuy#1006

I am interested. here’s my discord tag, AtomicNuke#0677 ,also your discord doesn’t seem to work.

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