RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio [OPEN]

Working for cheaper than usual at the moment, I am in need of quick money

About Me

My name is Bruno, I am a Builder, I specialize in the architecture/interior part of building but i am always open to try out other methods.

I am currently looking for jobs to get easy/hard money to fund my future projects, I am free to decline whatever i feel is unfair.

I can build anything, with enough time and willpower.

As long as the title says “Open” i am available, Dont be shy to leave a Message.


Rivalry Warefare

Knight Simulator (OLD)

Youtube Speedbuilds

Las Vegas 1990

Langstone (OLD)

JOJO: Rise of Kujo




It is important you know that my timezone is GMT
I am also only every day.


Monday - 16:00 - 19:30 (Around 2 Hours During these times)
Tuesday - 16:00 - 19:30 (Around 2 Hours During these times)
Wednesday - 16:00 - 19:30 (Around 2 Hours During these times)
Thursday - 16:00 - 19:30 (Around 2 Hours During these times)
Friday - 16:00 - 20:30 (Around 3 Hours During these times)
Saturday - 10:00 - 21:30 (Around 5 Hours During these times)
Sunday - 10:00 - 21:30 (Around 5 Hours During these times)


I don’t have a set price for hiring me, but i am looking for well paying commissions.
However these are the main factors of deciding payment:

  • Time of completion
  • Quality of Build
  • Size of build

I accept payment in:

  • Group Funds :robux:
  • Percentage (I can accept only if the game is high potential)
  • Limiteds (Rather not)

I Do NOT accept USD, GBP or any other real life currency.

If any payment methods were not listed on here feel free to negotiate in private messages.
All prices are negotiable,my prices are also flexible. So i am certain we can figure something out.


Interested in hiring me? You are able to contact me:

  • Discord - Pentor#5368
  • Developer Forum - @RoadmanBruno

If you have any problems with contacting me, please leave a reply to this topic. I will be reading every single offer and reply.


Commisions are closed! Wont be open for a while.

Been a while, commisions are back open!

Still open, I am less busy now so I am more likely to accept commissions. :slight_smile:

Been a long time, but commisions are reopened.