[CLOSED] VIDAR Studios Hiring || R$ / USD

Great! Please fill out the application form.

Still looking for a team manager?

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Yes, we are still hiring. However, the Team Manager Position is Stricter than before.

Are you looking for modelers? Especially weapon modelers?

Interested in the building position, here’s my portfolio OPEN [Builder] [Scripter] [3D modelling in blender] [Experience with terrain] TaterTech.
Also I can be contacted on discord at Trinom#4720.

Hey! Are you still in need of (Team) Managers? I’m interested in that position! :slight_smile:

Hello! Sorry to inform, we are no Longer Hiring Team Manager Positions. However, other Positions have opened.

Oh, alright. What other open positions do you have?

Hey! Wow, an interesting idea, and I’m in! You can message me on Twitter @CrrustyyRBLX

Hello! I am interested on becoming a builder. My Discord: BloxxarPlayz#2392

Still hiring above positions! Mainly looking for Animators.

Still active! No longer hiring programmers, but In-need of UI/GFX & Animator!

I can animate for you Wizzardofazz#8707

Thanks for replying! Please make sure to submit an application!

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Hello, Are you still hiring UI Designer?

Yep! Currently, we are! :grinning:

Ok I’m working on a portfolio I’ll fill out the form when it is finished!

Could I just send you my work on discord instead of application form?

Sure! Since Game Designer isn’t listed on the Application Sheet! I’m always open to new positions. Please send them to: Farsalis#0983

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Oh, I was actually a animator/story lore, lol, the title is just for fun!