[CLOSED] V&K Industries is looking for developers!

About Us

V&K Industries is a studio with 3 big titles, Military Simulator, Military Simulator 2 & Coruscant. We focus on games that revolve around roleplaying and community engagement. Our projects entertain milions of players along the globe each month. We are always looking to expand and improve our games, and we have a lot of fun in the process of doing so!

You can see our existing games here:

About The Job

We are currently looking for:

Programmer (closed)

Programmers will be supervised and instructed by @DevKurka .

As programmer you should be able to be organized, flexible and skilled. You’ll be assigned certain tasks and resources. Upon that deadline of the job will be discussed.

We expect you to:

  • Be able to work with current system (workflow and framework)
  • Know and use Object Oriented Programming
  • Be experienced in using Lua
  • Be creative and think outside the box!
  • Be at least 16 years old

In your application please submit this information:

  • Example of your past work (links, example of code would be appreciated too :slight_smile: )
  • What’s your favourite Roblox bug
  • What Roblox function is your favourite? Why?
  • How many hours a week are you able to work?
  • What do you like about programming?

Payment: ~500k Robux a month

Builder (closed)

Builders will be supervised by @Vikinglaw .

Builders will do everything from infrastructure to terrain. We allow you to take 2 days off per week, but you must be available in the case of an emergency.

We expect:

  • Creativity and thinking outside of the box
  • Independency: we assign you a task and won’t have to remind you about it.
  • Organization: your work is organized and easy to change / fix / review
  • 3 years or more of Experience in Roblox studio
  • That you uphold deadlines

In your application please submit this information:

  • Examples of previous work
  • How many hours can you dedicate per day, what days do you want off?
  • Which building tyle do you prefer working in?
  • What do you like about building?

Payment: ~200k Robux a month

We allow you to take 2 days off per week, but you must be available in the case of an emergency.

What you may expect:

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • A huge & friendly community with over 700,000 people that love what you do
  • Expanding your knowledge

Contact Us

For a noncommittal conversation about the job, feel free send either of us a message here on the forums.

Applications may be submitted via mail - recruitment@rblx.red
Do not send us application via Discord or DevForum PMs - those won’t be reviewed.
Please include your preferable way of contact.

Looking forward to an interesting conversation! :slight_smile:


I would love to help with this great development project!


Sounds good, ill make sure to get in contact via email! look forward

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Vouch for them. I work as a graphic designer and VikingLaw is a great individual to work with.


I sent an email to you guys, hope we can discuss.

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Upon emailing a portfolio will you give us a discord / group chat of some sort of form to communicate with everyone else assuming we get the job?

Your email won’t let me, there’s a problem

After person is accepted, yes.

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If there is any problem, please send me details in pms and Ill try to help with figuring it out!
We are sure that email is working correctly though - already received few apps.


If I may ask, how many spots are open for the builders?

At the moment 1 programmer and 1 builder.


I have sent you an email. I look forward to hearing from you! :happy2:

can you tell me your email?..

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Hmm maybe. it would be interesting.

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I’m interested in building, can you DM me at kirs#0004?


Guys, are you even reading the post…


wdym? @wssi ???


If you’re serious about applying, contact the email provided :slight_smile:


The mail was mentioned in the post. Please do not spam it.



Sorry, we are not able to DM every applicant at this point. We’d appreciate if everyone followed the process mentioned in the post - mail way of contact ( recruitment@rblx.red ).