[CLOSED] V&K Industries is looking for developers!

Thank you, I have sent a gmail! If you are intrested Please read, I make maps for epic minigames, And I am a RDC 2020 invitee! mattsen.dyson@gmail.com, I am also 13+ :smiley:

I’m a builder! Here’s some of my work, take a look! [OPEN] Realistic-Style Builder I’m 17, almost 18. Discord: G_abee#6907 (preferred way of contact!).

If you are interested, you must send him a email! :slight_smile:

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Read the actual thread, thank you.


no problem, anytime i can help!

Contact me! 9 years developing in Roblox as Builder and 3d Artist.


You have to email him, if you are interested! :slight_smile:

why’d you send the same message like four times lol


No clue, Just I am happy to help, And I want to make sure I get noticed! :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why its so hard to understand that the OP cannot attend to everyone privately, hence the contact email, he’s made it more than clear by now… smh

Yes, And I am aware, I have sent him a email, Waiting for a response! :slight_smile:

I just sent it to you by Gmail, here is a screenshot

Same here, Also would you provide you didnt make all of that build? Because you told me your friend made 30% of it.

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I am very interested, I would love to help with this project!

Hello! No need to send the confirmation here. We have received all the mails sent so far. :slight_smile:


Is there any chance you’d be looking for a composer? I know it isn’t in the description, but I wouldn’t ask for too much.

If so contact me! Nik#6387

When do you win to give the answers?

Atm we’re not looking for compose. Sorry :frowning:

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No ETA atm. We’ll keep this thread update though!

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You shouldn’t be sending screenshots of your emails because people can see your email address. You might want to edit that out to keep your account safe.