[CLOSED] What is the best software editor to learn or do 3D Modeling?

Hello there,

So, I recently just decided that I want to start to 3D Model. :smile:
But, I met a big challenge after that.

What software editor should I use?
I have tried using Blender, but I was wondering if there is any other relevant 3D Modeling software that I can use to make meshes? I really need opinions, I am starting to plan to introduce a new game soon that includes some meshes.

If you have any opinions or ideas, please let me know!


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I personally suggest using Blender, but since you tried that you can use C4D which is another popular modeling software.

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Alright, I will check out C4D soon!

Thank you!

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Hey Schedency!


I’m a 3D modeler myself and I’m so excited that you’ve decided to take your builds and models to the next level, let me give you some insight from my personal experience!


Forewarning: There are many upon many 3D softwares that do the same thing, you just need to choose one that has the values and community behind it that you want. That’s the biggest part about choosing any software to add to your pipeline, they’re all pretty close to the same quality of work, any distinct advantages found in any other software can be supplemented with a plugin or an add on for your software on GitHub if need be.

Let me run you through a list that I’ve worked with:

Blender: Blender is great, it’s incredibly versatile at the expense of being notoriously difficult to get past the initial learning curve. Incredibly powerful with the new 2.8 update with their eevee rendering and their streamlined modeling, it does the job and does it well.


  • Active Community
  • Active Plugin Creators
  • Active Dev Response Team


  • Despite their recent successes and advances, many still say it has the buffet effect, where by offering too much, the quality diminishes and the complexity goes up.

  • Not industry standard (Yet)

C4D/Cinema 4D:

C4D is an amazing 3D rendering program, the majority of people who create the thumbnails for front page games use C4D with its ridiculously powerful octane engine. However, I personally dislike it solely for 3D modeling, it feels like there is more post processing cleaning up all the models I create and work with.


  • Amazing rendering w/ Octane


  • Less 3D modeling control (My opinion)

  • Far less frequent updates


I’d suggest you use both in conjunction and use blender for 3D while you use C4D for renders, but regardless it’s up to you.


Most programs such as 3Ds, Maya, C4D, Blender, Rhino, Sketchup, so on, so on, have their strengths and weaknesses but in the end they’re all capable of creating the same quality product at the end of the day. What matters is the developers who back up that program, the cost, and the time to learn to program to fluency.

TLDR: Just start with any, you seriously can’t go wrong.

Good luck!
Thanks for reading, hope I helped!


I use a software called Autodesk Inventor. Unless you can sign up for a student membership (which is free), it’s super expensive.

Despite the cost, there are some really good reasons for using it. The main one is that it is the main modelling software used in the professional world (outside of game development). The basics of it are also incredibly easy to figure out, however, making more advanced objects (like jewelry or very detailed items) take a lot of skill. For example, I could make an aesthetic computer in less than 60 seconds (significantly faster than Blender), however, I couldn’t make more detailed meshes (such as complicated shapes or things with lots of curves) without serious work.

That being said, it would be good if you learned Blender - mainly for it’s alternate purposes, such as animation, and the fact that it is better for some models (not most). Since learning Inventor is super quick and easy, you might want to get a student membership and just have both on hand.

Feel free to PM me with any questions. Good luck learning!


I use blender. There are many tutorials online for it since it is an old program.

You do not have to follow the same steps someone else takes in order to make an object. A lot of it is just your own style and way of creating things. The more you make the more you understand your style and the program itself. I still learn new things in blender daily and it helps knowing that it is a really common program.


Blender is good for starters, just not for sculpting but I just mainly use it to import meshes for my group, so decide for yourself with all the other replies.


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