[Closed] WSSI | Professional Builder

Stricly used for talent hub as a work showcase





Hey! You are really good! I recommend sending your pictures using gyazo or something else so people do not have to click the links.

ohhh that’s how the others do it haha. I’ll change that real quick and thank you for the comment, means alot :slight_smile:

No problem! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

I can you add me because your name dose’nt work so add me my discord is: pushy151 # 9643

looks amazing! I added you on discord so we can talk more!

These creations are outstanding! Looking to learn blender somewhere in my near future. Best of luck with your commissions!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:. Blender is amazing and its amazing you’re looking to start, it takes time to get used to the interface and all but once you get the hang of it, your imagination is your only limitation (and your pc of course…). Dont get me wrong, you can do a lot with studios but blender adds a pretty thick layer of flexibility! Anyways best of luck with the learning!

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Did you add abstract type art with building style? Also this is amazing great work!

Thank you, appreciate it very much :slight_smile: For the blender modeling? I think when i was making them I had a little too much fun with shaders and messed around to get a cool effect and in some ways I guess I did combine it with abstract art haha

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Or perhaps im miss understanding the question haha

No it just kinda looks like its curvy land in a way and it just looked pretty cool to me xD

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Oh yes the low poly! Honestly me too, I love low poly landscape, it just feels super clean and professional in some ways.:slight_smile:

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This is quite literally THE most impressive portfolio I’ve seen! Great work!

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Haha thank you soo much, it means a lot :slight_smile: I’ve got a bunch of more impressive builds that are on their way to completion, can’t wait to show them

Nice work, however, I suggest putting this in a Hide Details folder so they dont have to have this take up 3 miniutes to scroll to the bottom.


haha ye im looking to revamp the portfolio soon anyways :slight_smile:

This is one the perfect examples that suits the word “Professional”. :+1:

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Personally, I find any personal problems irl more important to doing a commission. What you done in this situation was both reasonable and fair. I hope you problems resolve soon and hope your family problems are better. :pray:


That guy is missing out. Your really talented, keep up the good work mate! :grin: