[CLOSED] Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds: Remake

About the Game

Hello! Some of you may be familiar with this old game, if not here is some background. Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds (ZAAM) used to be one of the top 15 most played games on ROBLOX back in 2008 and 09. It was a silly idea I used free models to create in 2008, that I have remastered multiple times throughout the years. A lot of people message me thanking me for making it “the game of their childhood”, and it still holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I have not remade the game since 2015, and believe it is time to update it one final time to modern standards.

About The Job

I need a talented builder to help me remaster this game. ZAAM is an open world zombie explorer, I enjoy the layout of the current map and could use many of the areas already in the game remastered. Some of these include a hospital, carnival, prison, mall, etc. We can discuss what should stay and what should be cut, since lag has always been an issue with this game.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3


I will be paying for this through Paypal instead of robux. Also, there is no real deadline for this, I would just want updates every now-and-then for this project to know the ball is still rolling.

Contact Me

I found my builder, I appreciate everyone that applied! It was not an easy decision.


Really interested in this super cool opportunity! Here’s my Portfolio: [COMMS CLOSED] BuiIdism | Builder & Intermediate Modeler Portfolio
I look forward to contacting you via Discord! My Discord Username is: Fabi#3906

Do you need animators for this?

If so message me on Elucidatory#9492


I will probably not be open to looking for scripters/animators until the lobby is created.

Hi, i was wondering what type of design / theme you’re trying to achieve. Low poly, High Poly, Realistic, blocky, simplistic.

Do you mind adding me on discord, I am interested BK#1768

I found your statement about ZAAM being the game of people’s childhoods quite sentimental towards myself personally - and I can definitely relate to that. I had fond memories of playing the ZAAM franchise during my first years on Roblox, at around the age of 8-9.

Being able to work on this game and contributing my work to a classic franchise on the platform would be an immense opportunity for myself. I’m not sure if I’m the style your looking for - but I could make a nice product for you with minimal lag.

Reply to this post if you’re interested - it would mean a lot to me! :+1:t2:

Would be really neat to work with you, I enjoyed playing the game and it would be pretty cool to have an opportunity to remaster the builds for the game.

You can find my contact information there.

I’m interested in the project: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

Interested, sending my portfolio via private messages here on the forum.

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