Squidzyee - Updated Building Portfolio


Greetings Developers,
My name is Fin and I have been building on Roblox for around 1-2 years. I am currently 14 years old as of writing this post and I have great ambitions to make it far on this platform utilising my current skills and talents in building for other people.

I have worked mostly as a contributor for different users and groups, however I haven’t been apart of a large-scale team. This is something that I would like to change in the future. I am now accepting short-term commissions, contact me privately for long-term commissions.

I can work for up to 3 hours per day on builds, and I am in the BST Timezone.

Work Examples


These buildings have been created for @Reds_Brigade


Personal Creations

I also have a Public Asset Marketplace post filled with more examples of smaller models and my older portfolio which has examples of builds I created a while ago.


For all commissions, I accept reasonable fees, either paid in Robux or GBP/USD via Paypal. I would prefer payment through PayPal though, but either is good. Just give me a price, and I will choose to accept it or negotiate further.

For commissions, my minimum pricing for any project is 10,000 Robux or £28.50 GBP
My pricing goes up higher based upon the task in hand depending on amount of assets and complexity. I don’t accept % for commissions and all Robux should be able to be DevExed.


You can contact me through one of the following methods.
I am most likely to respond on Discord or Twitter. If you send me a request through Discord, I will automatically accept it and respond back. It is appreciated if you notify me of your request.


Ah, his previous portfolio was marvellous, and he has a lot of potential from the start.
He has his own style where you won’t find anywhere else, if you want something like this, better start making the paperwork and hire him!


Strongly recommend. Great guy and experienced developer.


I can vouch for his services,

everything that comes out of his studio is handmade with pride and time.



I am opening up my commissions, minimum fee per project is 10,000 Robux or £30 GBP.
Ideally I am looking for more short-term projects right now.

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Very kindhearted person, super easy to work with. HIGHLY recommend. Great work, 10/10! :smiley:

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