(CLOSED)[$300+] hiring map builder

About the job

Hi, I’m currently looking for a builder who is able to build “Low poly” RP city map, a similar style as the images below (Images taken from Paradise Life) (I’ll be able to give you more info about it on Discord)


I’m looking to pay 300$+ for this job (Payment via Group Payout, PayPal, Btc)


In order to apply for this, you’ll need to add me on discord (Toot#0001) as well as replying below with your portfolio and discord tag. Thank you,


Hey! I’m interested, here’s a link to my portfolio!

Contact me via Discord: Agro#6413

I would love to help with this map
here is my portfolio I might have less experience but I’m sure I could do this

Hey I can get this done

Disc - Nitron#3720
Portfolio - https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-blingmcqueen-builder-portfolio

I’m interested in the job, my portfolio: [Closed] Aspecness || Portfolio || Builder
Discord: Aspecness#6406

I’ve built a big map already, hope you like it and hope to building one for you


Hi i’m going to try to apply aswell,
here’s my portfolio
click me
everything important is provided above


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