Closing Roblox escape menu breaks CoreGui if Reduce Motion is on

Reproduction steps:

  1. In Studio, play-test your experience via any means (play solo, local-server, etc.).
  2. Enable “Reduce Motion” in your Roblox settings.
  3. Close the CoreGui via any means.
  4. If using the DevConsole option to close the menu, close the developer console and observe that the Roblox CoreGui menu will no longer open for you and will just fade to dark; no matter how many times you attempt to open the menu. The report menu will allow you to open the menu sometimes, but this isn’t consistent.

Enabled beta-features:

System Info:
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Memory: 16GB


Updated this report as the reproduction steps are actually much simpler to pull off than I originally believed. You simply just need to close the CoreGui via any means rather than needing to close it with the DevConsole.

This seems to be somewhat similar to my issue: Reduce Motion Effect won't Show Roblox Menu if Opening too Fast

This appears to be a regression of that issue, this newer issue does not require you to quickly toggle the menu open and closed; and only occurs in Studio. :+1:

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Yeah this just started showing up for me too about an hour ago. I have reduced motion enabled and it only opens once and then all the other attempts end up being, like you said, just faded out, the menu doesn’t show.

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Experiencing exactly this too. With reduced motion enabled, I cannot open/close the menu more than once, regardless of how fast or slow I press the button.

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Probably worth noting, opening the escape menu more than once produces this warning in the output:

RunService:UnbindFromRenderStep removed different functions with same reference name utility-focus-state-inspect-riceinator7 2 times.
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This now appears to also affect the normal Roblox client in specific experience, its no longer limited to just Studio.

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