Clothing Mannequin [Buy + Try On]

Check out my updated mannequin!

Clothing Mannequin

This easy to implement clothing mannequin uses a UI to prompt players to buy or try on a piece of clothing.

Get the mannequin here

How to use

Inside workspace is a folder called “Dummies.” Keep all mannequins in this folder. Make sure all mannequins are named “dummy.”
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Inside each dummy, you can find a shirt and pants instance. To properly add clothes to the mannequin, you must copy and paste the item ID into two different places: the “ShirtTemplate” or “PantsTemplate” property of the instance, and the value property of the “PantsID” or “ShirtID” values, which are a child of the shirt or pants instance.
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Make sure to leave the GUIs inside of StarterGui. Without them, the system will not function as intended.

Now you have your mannequin set up! You can easily change the clothes on the mannequin, as well as add more mannequins. You don’t need to change any scripts, and you can customize the UI, but it is not necessary.


This is super cool! Surprised to see it, and definitely deserves a place here!


Awesome! Only thing that needs changing is that when you buy the pants it should say “Pants” instead of shirt, apart from that keep up the legendary work! :+1: :sweat_smile: :grin:


this is good mate, im terrible at scripting and such so i cant believe it


Woops! I’ll make sure to fix that! :joy:

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Haha! Crazy mistake… All good, though! XD

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Hi, so after putting this into my game I realised that only I get the buy prompt? If someone else presses buy it will close the GUI and not prompt them with the link to the shirt.

Also, when someone else puts on a shirt from the GUI I can’t see what they look like with the clothing they have tried on.
May you fix this?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by only you get the buy prompt? Also the reason why only the local player sees the clothes they try on is because it changes the clothing on the client. You can use a remote event that fires when you click on the try on button, allowing you to run the script on the server. Hope this helps!

Hey, so in my game when I press buy it prompts me with the GUI to buy the shirt but when other users press buy then your GUI will go away but wont prompt them to buy the shirt.

I honestly have 0 idea as to what the source of your problem could be. The script is a LocalScript, which runs on the client, so all player inputs do not effect the other players’ experience.

Oh shoot I fixed it, I didn’t have one of the options turned on in the settings! :sweat_smile:

This works like a charm!

I would suggest adding a button to remove the clothing though, so players can test clothing, and then revert back to the ones they were originally wearing.

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Every single thing about this is amazing. Thank you for open sourcing this!

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I will update the script and add a take off button if you click on a piece of clothing you are already wearing. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Is this a model? If it is, its amazing! Just what I was looking for. You are a life saver, since I can’t script.

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For some reason when I have multiple mannequins the UI doesn’t show up?
Also I cant seem to make the UI bigger.

This is super cool. Can’t wait for any other updates. Thank you for uploading!

Make sure all your mannequins are in the “Dummies” model. Also, to make the UI bigger, just remove the UI constraints inside of each component.

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Can I change the name to mannequin? When I try to, it does not work.

Changing the name to mannequin is possible, but you would need to change the script as well. It’s not necessary so I would just suggest against doing so, just so you can prevent script errors.