Clothing that's on sale is invisible in group

The clothes on my clothing group have disappeared lately. We had 7 pages of clothing and when I looked yesterday, there was only 1 page of mixed clothing. This occurs on the “Store” tab on your group page. I just noticed this issue about 2 days ago and I was hoping it would be fixed, but it hadn’t.

There should be 7 pages of clothing. ^^

Other groups have the same issue. Some people can see all the pages of clothing, some can’t.

All clothing shown above is on sale, just not shown in our group as in the first picture provided.
Here is our group if you need to check it out for yourself, though you may see the 7 pages of clothing we have.!/about

EDIT: I took all 7 pages of clothing on my group offsale and I had put them all back on sale. I can see the clothes now, but this doesn’t exuse the bug report. This should have been looked at and fixed besides making us have to update 200+ pieces of clothing.


Same thing happens in my group, too. It’s weird, though, because this only happens to a couple groups I’ve seen, while others do not have this issue; I can’t seem to see a pattern in when this bug arises.


All I know is to wait or keep modifying things until you can finally find the clothing where you want it. Groups are one of the few features on the Roblox website that I have issues with. All I can remember any time I think of managing a group is when places and items will not appear to yourself or others within the group page.


Happening to me too. Only started a few days ago, and happens to me in multiple groups.


I can confirm this is happening as well in one of my groups.


Same thing happened to me. But what I realised after a few days was that it only shows the clothing that were purchased by people recently (maybe the clothing that were bought like 3-5 days before this happened).


Same thing is happening with me as well, and I actually noticed a decrease in overall money being spent on clothes ever since this bug started to happen. (For my groups, I mean.)

I’ve also noticed that when searching by creator in the catalog, the clothes also don’t appear. So it seems to be a glitch that impacts finding your clothes in general unless with a direct link.


The same thing is happening with my group, and it is having a large impact on sales.


I can confirm that this is happening on my group too! I’m hoping the problem gets fixed very soon as this IS really impacting the sales which my group gets.


The same thing is happening with one of my groups.


This is also happening to my group for some reason as it’s heavily impacting our flow of robux. Luckily some of our best-seller shirts and pants haven’t been affected.


Hey! Thanks for pointing that out. I noticed a huge decrease in money as well!

Those two shirts are the only things being bought over longer periods of time than usual. Also the picture on my post is outdated so I’ll have to change it once again because 2 random shirts came out of the water. (The “Black and Purple Fade Hoodie” was one of them that came back.)


The same thing has happened to me too but on a various amount of groups that I am in.


I just had 2 pieces of “invisible clothing” show back up but it also hid 2 others…


I can confirm this has been happening for me too. We had about two pages, but if you look at the shop in any account other than mine, only 1 shirt will show up. I looked in the audit log but there was nothing to suggest was to what happened.


Same here, it’s really annoying. At first I thought it was just google but then a friend of mine dm’d me saying she had the same problem. My newest collection would be released this week, I’m not planning on releasing it anytime soon.


I think, I’m not 100% sure, but I think newly uploaded clothes will appear in the catalog. The clothes I’ve uploaded a few days ago appeared and are still visible in the group.

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Not for me though, I uploaded a outfit (a shirt + pants) on sunday after I saw that a few designs were gone, then when it got through moderation only the shirt appeared and not the pants.


I can also confirm all 40 Pages except 3 are invisible. Hope you didn’t make the same mistake I did and run ads while items can’t be seen. :joy_cat:


I have noticed something, when the clothing description is updated, it comes back on sale in about 1-2 minutes.

Recently a day ago, I changed the description on these 2 shirts to check if they come back to sale & it actually did.

Take a look:



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